[Crack] CategoriesSB 1.7.5-1

Update : Version 1.7.5-1 released ! Crack is out !!

The Dev recommends to use Folder Enhancer instead of this tweak.

  • MOD: Updated package for iOS 4.2.1.

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Integrate Categories into SpringBoard!

Categories, created by BigBoss, allows SpringBoard's icons to be grouped into folders, making it easy to organize and find your applications.

However, these folders are created as separate applications, meaning that they require time to load and do not blend well with SpringBoard.

Categories load almost instantly; no backgrounding required.
Options for each category can be configured independently, including:
Show category title
Custom title/background image
Horiztonal or verical scrolling
Swipe to close category
Hide the dock
Display sum of contained badges on category icon
"Recent" category will track apps that have been recently launched.

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1.7.4-1 : Official
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1.7-1-1 : Official
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1.6.3 : 4shared
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[News] iPad 2 to Come Out with Carbon Fiber Body?

This is a plain rumor since that’s what Gruber, the source, called it himself. Gruber, known best for authentic Apple reports and leaks has quietly slipped a rumor in a footnote of an Engadget bashing post. Gruber wrote the post to point out that there weren’t any eleventh hour changes like Engadget reported, in fact, the original reporting by Engadget was clearly wrong since nothing has changed in iPad 2 since January.

More interesting than the bashing was the footnote that Gruber quietly placed there for us. Perhaps, a safer way to report rumors he’s only half-sure about it so no one may bash him back?
Excerpt from the footnote can be read below
I could publish things I’m only half-sure about, like the iPad 2 switching from aluminum to a lightweight high-strength carbon fiber body, but I don’t, because I’m only half-sure and I’ve only heard about it from second-hand sources who themselves are unsure about it. And even if I were to off-handedly mention such speculation, I’d do so in a footnote and take pains to emphasize the uncertain nature of the information and the second-hand status of the sources thereof. What I would never do is take a flyer and report uncertain speculation as a fact, and, if it wound up not panning out, chalk it up to Apple having changed things at the last moment rather than the report being flat-out wrong all along
Based on the report, Apple’s second generation iPad is expected to come out with carbon fiber body instead of the usual aluminum. Using carbon fiber over aluminum may have a few advantages such as more resistance to water, however, carbon fiber may not resist temperature as much and may easily chip in situations where aluminum may only bend.
Since the second generation iPad is really thin and is supposed to be light-weight, Apple may actually choose carbon fiber over aluminum since it’s more effective in strength to weight ratio.

[News] Apple To Surprise Everyone with Near Immediate Availability of iPad 2 Next Week

According to people familiar with the matter, Apple is preparing several of its operating segments to perform functions during the second half of next week that are representative of nothing short of a large scale, consumer-oriented product roll out (not just an announcement). And with official invitations to next Wednesday’s press briefing clearly indicating a focus on iPad, these people believe at least one version of the refreshed device will be in transit to retail outlets during that briefing.

Apple is going to announce iPad 2 in a media event, which is going to be held on Wednesday, March 2nd, at the famous Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.
iPad 2 is expected to feature at least one camera for FaceTime video calls, Dual Core CPU and GPU, and will be thinner in size than its predecessor.

[News] iPhone 5 With 4-inch Display May Look Like This..

Update : News !!!

Two weeks ago, we published a report about some of the details of iPhone 5 leaked straight from the component suppliers of iPhone. According to the report, iPhone 5 will feature a 4 inch display. Later in that week, we presented you with a mockup of iPhone with a 4 inch display in same encasement. Quite honestly, that was one of the ugliest products Apple may ever produce and that is what led to the debate if Apple will be using the same encasement or larger.

A Chinese reseller of Apple’s parts has recently published an image of the digitizer panel of what it appears to be 5th generation iPhone’s. The part looks similar to that of iPhone 4 but with a larger cut for display to support 4 inch screen. If the leak is authentic, this may mean Apple is looking forward to fit the screen in the same encasement and your iPhones are probably going to look like this (I am not going to buy one if it does).

Earlier today, we published a report about some of the details of iPhone 5 leaked straight from the component suppliers of iPhone. Surprisingly, based on the report, the Apple’s new iPhone will feature a 4-inch display which will help Apple compete in display size with the counterpart Android sets.

However, inclusion of 4-inch display could be a harder decision than it sounds for both, Apple and the customers. Will the display fit in the current encasement? If not, would you want to buy a bigger iPhone? Our friends at 9to5Mac have drafted a mock-up of how Apple’s new iPhone would look like with a 4-inch display in same encasement.

To me, this sure looks ugly as hell or may be that’s just because it’s a mock-up. If Apple’s recent announcement of $4B investment is in display technology to get it to the edge like that, it sure looks an ugly investment to me. If not, Apple will require bigger encasement for iPhone 5, which is how it’s more likely to be, in my opinion.

[Crack] PopMark 1.5-3

Update : Version 1.5-3 released ! Crack is out !!

v 1.5-3
  • Resolved issue where installation on top of Greenp0ison would prevent the App from running.
  • Added "Automatic Mode" option (under iPhone Settings). Just start the App and it will run by itself.

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    Marks all email messages as read for POP accounts. IMAP not supported. iOS 3.1.x and iOS4 compatible.
    App will open and then close.

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      [Crack] iCallLog 1.1-1

      Update : Version 1.1-1 released ! Crack is out !!

      • small bug fixes

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      Call counter, custumizable call duration, custom call cost , export the summary, filter the call summary, add and remove permanenet exclusive numbers, generate monthly report, calculate total outgoing calls from time to time, calculate the incoming calls, calculate the outgoing bill.

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      1.0-1 Cracked : Official

        [Crack] Gridlock 1.2.5-1

        Update : Version 1.254-1 released ! Crack is out !!

        • Fix a bug with FolderEnhancer on iOS 4.2.1.
        • Small bugfixes.

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            From chpwn and posixninja comes Gridlock, a powerful tweak that allows you to arrange your icons however you would like, with drag and drop simplicty. No longer will you need blank icons which have ugly shadows, or you have to remember not to tap. Free your icons today!

            Fully compatible with your favorite icon tweaks: Infinidock, Infinifolders, FCSB, Iconoclasm, and FiveIRows (in addition to many more not listed here).

            (Note: not currently compatible with Infiniboard or iTunes icon arrangement.)

            Posted Image
            Posted Image 

            Repo : BigBoss.
            Version : 1.2.4-1
            Autor : P0sixninja/Chpwn.
            Compability : OS x3,iOS 4x.
            Dependency : IconSupport.
            Price : 0.99$.

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            1.2.4-1 : Official
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            1.2.2-1 : Official
            1.2-1 : Official
            1.1.2 : Official
            1.1.1-1 : Official
            1.0 : Official


              [Crack] PhoneHint 1.2.3-2

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              Requires iOS 4.0 or higher
              Requires iPhone (Phone App)

              One of the things iPhone was missing is now there! Quick contacts search from the Mobile Phone keypad! Just swipe Left / Right over the dialer's number display to select the right contact, then double tap to select the number
              No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure PhontHint from Settings.app

              Notes :

              [News] Just How Thin The iPad 2 Is Going To Be? Really Really Thin !

              Now we finally have a date for what we all assume will be the iPad 2 announcement, we won’t have to wait much longer until we get to see the new model in all its glory. Until then though, feast your eyes on these new mockups courtesy of 9to5Mac.

              Originally from a Japanese blog, the photos show a mockup of what appears to be a next-generation iPad 2, complete with the new speaker grill. Another stand-out design feature is the new chassis, which is noticeably thinner than the model we’re all using right now. Has Apple found a way to make the already svelte iPad even thinner, and presumably lighter as well?

              According to a (badly) translated quote from the Japanese site, the mockup comes from Shenzhen:
              Our monthly meeting of the parts procurement and manufacturing of original products repair, go to Shenzhen in the case or buying accessories. This city has a variety of products and components are distributed in the city say the head temple of PCs and mobile phones.In some cases manufacturing plant next to the city in December 2010 iPad (iPad 2) model (a simple reproduction of original size) seen.In some cases the factory since then have seen a product called iPad2 case.
              It’s getting closer folks, only a few more days until we find out just how accurate this mockup is! If it turns out to be accurate, we at Redmond Pie are all for a thinner design – but here’s hoping Apple’s next iPad doesn’t lose that premium feel of it’s predecessor.

              [News] Confirmed ! iPad 2 Event on March 2nd

              It’s official: Apple has just started sending out invitations to the press for a media event to unveil the much awaited iPad 2. The event will be held at the famous Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

              Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who recently took a medical leave of absence from his company is unlikely to be present at the event. In his absence, either Phil Schiller or Tim Cook will be on stage for the keynote.

              For more on the next-gen iPad, check out our in-depth rumor roundup on Apple iPad 2.

              [News] The iPad 2 Rumor Roundup

              The closer we get to April, the more likely it is we’ll be receiving that invite to visit Cupertino to see the next generation iPad announcement. Until then, the rumor-mill is firmly in overdrive. The problem though, is which rumors should you believe, and which are just link-bate?  Keep on reading for our roundup of iPad 2 (and even iPad 3!) rumors.

              The Screen (Retina Display, Resolution, 7-inch / 9.7-inch Models)
              With the iPhone 4 sporting the famous Retina Display, many have (wrongly) assumed that the next iPad will also come equipped with a mind-boggling array of pixels – but as we reported recently, it’s looking increasingly likely that the new screen will be, well, old. By that I mean the resolution and size will be exactly the same as the current model if the part 9to5Mac got hold of is anything to go by. Slightly disappointing perhaps, but entirely expected.
              One rumor that just won’t go away is the possibility of a new, smaller / thinner form-factor. Reports claim that a 7-inch model is in the works, with Apple looking to enter a market where Samsung is the current number one with its Galaxy Tab. RIM’s PlayBook also sports a 7-inch screen, though the upcoming Android tablets all seem to be going for a larger screen, with Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab 10.1 using a 10.1-inch panel.

              Dual Mode GSM / CDMA Chip
              Two weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that the iPad 2 was already in production, citing ‘people familiar with the matter’ as saying that a deal with Verizon was in the offing, with both GSM and CDMA hardware on the way.
              Recently, an exclusive report by Engadget revealed that the second generation iPad will have dual GSM/CDMA chipset produced by Qualcomm. This will allow the iPad to be offered on AT&T and Verizon simultaneously, instead of producing two separate models.
              Digging deep into iOS 4.3 beta code also reveals a bunch of new iPad models: iPad2,1, iPad2,2, iPad2,3 refers to next-gen Wi-Fi only, GSM and CDMA iPad 2 models respectively.

              Camera for FaceTime Calls
              Numerous reports surfaced in the past few months have clearly indicated existence of two cameras, one on the front for FaceTime and one on the back for stills and videos.
              The new iPad will be thinner and lighter than the first model, these people said. It will have at least one camera on the front of the device for features like video-conferencing, but the resolution of the display will be similar to the first iPad, these people said. It will also have more memory and a more powerful graphics processor.
              Dual-Core CPU and GPU
              With so many new Android tablets on the way this year, it’s all the rage these days to use multi-core CPUs on new slates, but according to reports, Apple will be going one step further by including a Dual-Core GPU too. AppleInsider reports that the new bespoke processor to be used in the iPad 2 will include a SGX543 GPU, bringing improved graphics performance and improved power-consumption rates.
              Reports also suggest a Dual-Core CPU made by Samsung, running at 1.2GHz will be included, with Apple pairing the new chip with 512MB of RAM.

              Button-less Design
              Remember those gestures Apple added to the iOS 4.3 Betas for switching and closing apps? Boy Genius Report received a tip that the iPad 2 will finally realize Steve Jobs’ hopes of removing all buttons from the company’s hardware. Instead of a home button, users will use multi-touch gestures to navigate the basic OS functions.

              Gruber Claims iPad 3 on the Way too!
              My personal favorite amongst the plethora of claims and counterclaims about what will and won’t be in the iPad 2. As if speculation on the next generation iPad 2 wasn’t enough, John Gruber saw fit to add a little fuel to the fire – by claiming Apple will be announcing the iPad 3 as early as this September! Believed to be more iPad 2.5 than 3, little is known about the device, perhaps due to it living in Mr Gruber’s imagination only. Of course, I’ll be the first to eat my hat (or another hat of John’s choosing) if we’re seeing a third-gen iPad in a few short months.
              So there we have it, a short roundup of the rumors currently doing the rounds on the internet. There are many, many more than the few I’ve chosen to cover here – some more likely to come to fruition than others.
              With the iPad 2 still not announced though, be sure to watch this space for more juicy gossip as and when we get it!

              [How-To] Preserve Baseband, Jailbreak and Unlock iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G on iOS 4.2.1 Using PwnageTool 4.2 / Sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 *VIDEO*

              Update : Sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 released !

              iPhone developer iH8sn0w has just pushed yet another update to Sn0wbreeze, bringing the version number up to 2.2.1. This new release fixes issues when jailbreaking Verizon iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.6, adds drag and drop IPSW files support, 100% fixes the iBooks issue, and all the issues that you maybe experiencing when using Windows classic theme.

              PwnageTool 4.2 for Mac and Sn0wbreeze 2.2 for Windows are now available which can preserve baseband, and jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on iOS 4.2.1 firmware.

              This new version of PwnageTool and Sn0wbreeze also incorporates kernel based GreenPois0n exploit, which means that you can now create untethered 4.2.1 custom firmware files without the upgraded baseband so that you can unlock with current version of Ultrasn0w.
              Simply follow the step by step instructions in the video embedded below to create custom 4.2.1 IPSW file without the upgraded baseband to jailbreak your iOS device.


              Once you are done with the jailbreak, you can unlock your iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G on the old baseband using Ultrasn0w 1.2.

              NOTE: You can also use this with iPhones which are flashed on 06.15 baseband so you can restore with this CFW (custom firmware).

              Download PwnageTool 4.2 for Mac
              Download Sn0wbreeze 2.2.1 for Windows
              Download iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV 2G

              [Crack] AppLocket 3.2.1

              Update : Version 3.2.1 released ! Crack is out !!

              v 3.2.1 

              * Rearranged Preferences, made preferences more stable.
              * Added a switch to change to numeric mode and back without having to log in in case you accidentally switched.
              * Added options to lock the search, moving and deleting apps and to power down the device.
              * Now you can rely solely on gestures to lock and unlock apps, and ignore the password altogether, in case you liked this feature from back in the old days of AppLocket.
              * Also you can now lock all apps. So you can lock all apps and turn off the password to have AppLocket work like it used to.

              Download 3.2.1 Cracked : Official

              AppLocket will lock all iPhone apps with a motion lock/unlocker. AppLocket locks every application on any iDevice you have (iPhone or iTouch). It also allows you to lock the search (spotlight), and the deletion/moving of applications. This Application is what you all have been waiting for to protect your applications from doing anything!
              There are 11 ways of activating the app, and 6 display methods for the alerts. The main two activations are up twice and down once on the volume rocker (lock), and down twice and up once (unlocked).

               Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

              Notes : 

              Previous Version
              3.1 Cracked : Official

                [News] iPad 2 Review that You Don’t Want to Miss! *VIDEO*

                Yup! you read that right ! iPad 2 is here already, and it has been reviewed extensively, with a bit of humor attached. This has to be the best thing you might have ever seen from Apple.

                The video is hilarious, and is a must watch!


                [Free] WiCarrier 1.1-2 b1

                Update : Version 1.1-2 b1 released !

                Download 1.1-2 b1 : Official

                For iOS4.x

                WiCarrier replaces Your iPhones Carrier Name With Connected WiFi Network.

                Notes :

                [News] New MacBook Pro 2011 with Intel Sandy Bridge Processors to Launch on February 24

                According to MacRumors, Apple is all set to launch MacBook Pro refresh on Thursday, February 24th.

                Apple’s MacBook Pro line is due for an upgrade this year and it would only be wise for Apple to ship these with Intel Sandy Bridge processors as they are now the flagship chipsets of Intel.
                If you are in to get a MacBook Pro, hold off from buying one as there is now a high possibility of these new MacBook Pro’s with Intel Sandy Bridge processors to hit the retail shelves as early as next week.


                [News] TinyPwn IPSW Customization Tool for Modification of iOS Custom Firmware in the Works

                The Developer behind the popular TinyUmbrella program is now said to be working on a new tool dubbed TinyPwn which will allow you to create and customize the iOS custom IPSW files.

                TinyPwn: Mac/Win/Linux ipsw customization tool. Will allow scriptable modification of the ipsw via a simple custom API. (and more :) )
                We don’t have much details on it yet, except the fact that it will be supported across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).

                More on it as it comes, stay tuned for that !

                [Crack] Notify Pro 1.63

                Update : Version 1.63 released ! Crack is out !!

                  v 1.63
                • Fix: issues with saving prefs
                • Change: don't require respring anymore, change prefs on the fly.

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                  Send SMS, Call, Email, and Push notifications to any PC/Mac machine that is running Growl with GNTP support. Support for XBMC/Plex/Boee, so yoxur notifications won't be missed while your watching TV.

                  Explanations : A new feature that Apple introduced with the release of iPhone OS 3.0 was the push notifications, an option that was being sued by users for quite some time and that Apple eventually implemented despite being far from the desired Basante multitasking.

                  In Cydia you can find applications to improve the notifications, to background applications, view them in a nice way to send notifications or iPhone to your Mac

                  NotifyPro is just that, an application that allows us to send notifications from iPhone to your Mac, so that when an incoming call, message, warning Push or email, in addition to the usual notice in the iPhone, we also come to our Mac using the Growl system known.

                  In the extended entry we explain the operation of the application:

                  To configure just have to follow the following steps:

                  * Open the Growl application and choose Settings> Add a Host

                  Notes :

                  Previous Version
                  1.62 : Official
                  1.43 : Official
                  1.25  : 4shared


                  [Crack] qTweeter 3.66

                   Update : Version 3.66 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Fabius]

                   v 3.66
                  • Compatibility with 4.2.1

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                    The fastest, coolest and most efficient way to tweet and update your Facebook status. It lets you update your Twitter and Facebook status from within any application. Fast and easily. Features include:
                    * Update Facebook and Twitter at once.
                    * Update your status on top of any app.
                    * Upload Images and Video to Facebook.
                    * Add Location and update profile Location.
                    * TwitPic, TwitVid, yFrog, Posterous
                    * Music, YouTube and Safari Tweets.
                    * Twitter Friend Finder.
                    * Custom Backgrounds.
                    * Multi-Account support.
                    * Media Attachment support.
                    * Scaled full image preview.
                    * Drafts.
                    * #nowplaying integration.
                    * Auto Hide after status updating.
                    * Long Tweet and Tweet Shrink.
                    * Background Uploading.
                    * Super Sleek Interface.

                    qTweeter, a one of a kind status update application that lets you tweet and update your Facebook status like never before. It is straight to the point, super fast, ultra cool and darn effective. You launch qTweeter by simply sliding your finger down from the status area and can start updating your status right away. Once done, you simply press the update button to update your Facebook status and/or your Twitter status. qTweeter saves you the hassle of updating your Facebook status and Twitter separately by doing both for you instantly from anywhere on the iPhone or iPod touch. It also saves you from having to exit the app you are currently running.


                    qTweeter lets you fire out a status update from any iPhone application.

                    Notes :

                    Previous Version
                    3.64 : Official
                    3.0.8: 4shared
                    3.0.4 : Official (Download also Cracked .plist : Official)

                    [Crack] Brightness Switcher 1.05

                    Update : Version 1.05 released ! Crack is out !!

                    • N/A

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                    Make the Switcher complete!

                    Brightness Switcher either replaces the Volume Slider in the Switcher with a Brightness Slider or adds a Brightness Slider.
                    Apple added a Volume Slider to the Switcher in iOS 4.2. But your devices have already hardware volume buttons. Why not use the space for something more reasonable? That's what Brightness Switcher does.
                    You'll find settings in the Preferences.app.

                    Brightness Switcher has been tested to work on all iPhones and iPods running firmware 4.2 and have a Switcher.

                    Posted ImagePosted Image

                    Notes :

                    Previous Version
                    1.03 : Official