Volume Booster 4.0 1.2

Update : Version 1.2 released ! (changelog in screenshot below)

Download 1.2 : Official

Volume Booster 4.0, compatible iOS 4x, will permit you to boost up a little the volume on your iDevice, removing the limit fixed by european norms.

  • Modification of the files SystemSoundMaximumVolume.plist, SystemSoundVolumeAdjustment.plist  et RegionalVolumeLimits.plist
  • Must be activated in WinterBoard.
  • Pack of files for users without WinterBoard.

Repo : ModMyi.
Version : 1.2
Autor : x5c0d3.
Compability : iOS 4x.
Dependancy : WinterBoard.
Price : free.

Notes :

Previous Version
1.0 : Official

    NoSpot 0.5

    Download 0.5 : Official

    Are you tired of Spotlight getting in your way when browsing through SpringBoard? Would you like to just get rid of Spotlight?
    NoSpot can help you do that. With NoSpot installed, Spotlight will not appear on your device.
    If you like NoSpot, please consider supporting the developer by purchasing his other software.
    There is no icon for this item. Nothing to configure.

    • This page will NOT appeared anymore !

    Notes :

    PwnMail 1.1 *Crack* | HS Repo

    Update : Version 1.1 released ! Crack is out !!

    Download 1.1 : Official

    Prank Someone with any e-mail address you can imagine. An app that let’s you send free fake emails to anyone with any e-mail address. The only thing you need is Internet connection and simply fill out the fields. In the first field add any e-mail you can imagine, in the second one the recipient of the mail and finally, add a subject, compose the e-mail and press the ‘Send’ button. The recipient will receive an e-mail message by the e-mail you have chosen for sender. Your anonymity is protected. Enjoy our Ranking system by promoting from Private Pranker to Pwn General for the Total mail pwnage! ☺ A perfect way to prank your friends! Please do not use Pwn Mail to send threatening emails , death threats or for any legal violation, as we are required by law to disclose any information might have if you do so.

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    Notes :

    Previous Version
    1.0 : Official

      MxTube 2.0

      Update : Version 2.0a-1 released !

      Download 2.0a-1 : Official

        v 2.0a
      • Added video import from older versions of MxTube

      The iPhone's first native YouTube video downloader. Download your youtube videos and watch them later.
      Works on all devices 3.x and 4.x


      Previous Version
      2.0 : Official

        SendPDUClass 0.1.4

        Download 0.1.4 : Official

        SendPDUClass0 is a free application from rayan008 on repo FrenchiPhone in Cydia.
        It will permot you to easily send FlashSMS also called “class 0″ SMS.
        If you have iPhoneDelivery installed on your iPhone, you will also receive a delivery receipt.
        FlashSMS are written messages thath you send to someone like a classic SMS except that this one is not saved into phone memory. It directly displays on your iPhone screen and is anonymous !

        • Repo : http://cydia.frenchiphone.com
        • Start the application.
        • Enter a number (international format).
        • Do NOT use accent.
        • Activate your cellular data 3G

        - the flashSMS is anonymous to an iPhone, but on some phones, the number is displayed.
        - you can also send flashSMS with iPhoneDelivery, by beggining your message by « ! » or « ? ».
        Repo : FrenchiPhone
        Version : 0.1.4
        Autor : rayan008
        Compability : OS x3,iOS 4x
        Price : free

        Notes :

        Nex Semi Transparent Badge 1.0

        Download 1.0 : Official

        Nex Semi Transparent Badge is a theme for Winterboard available on ModMyi.
        This addon will permit you to have semi transparent notification badge on your Springboard.

        Repo : ModMyi.
        Version : 1.0
        Autor : ywon80.
        Compability : iOS 4x.
        Dependancy : Winterboard.
        Price : free.

        Notes :

        [How-To] Replace a Cracked iPhone 3G Screen

        Here is a little demo which can be useful for those who have the bad luck to crack their screen of an iPhone 3G. By iEvolution


        GlovePod 1.2.5

        Update : Version 1.2.5 released !

        Download 1.2.5 : Official

        v 1.2.5
        - Fixed power button crash.

        With this tweak, you can control your music without removing your gloves when it's cold ! To use it, double-tap on the Home button to display your multimédia player.



        Notes :

        Previous Version
        1.2.4 : 4shared

          MiTime 0.9

          You have recently unlocked your iPhone 4 with Ultrasn0w and you note that the application FaceTime does not work anymore.
          MiTime is a paying tweak from the repo PushFix.info which will permit you to fix this issue and then activate FaceTime.

          Repo : PushFix.info.
          Version : 0.9
          Autor : PushFix.
          Compability : iOS 4x, iPhone 4 only.
          Dependance : None.
          Price : 5,99$.

          • The activation will be done by the sent of 2 SMS.

          Notes :

          [News] Apple Event on 2010, September 1st

          As planned, some invites were sent to press people, Apple will present on September 1st at San Francisco 10.00 AM (19h for French people) during his famous KeyNote, the iOS 4.1 for iPhone/iPod Touch, the iOS 4.0 for iPad and also the next iPod Touch 4 with Face Time.
          iTunes in Cloud and Apple TV will be also spoken during this KeyNote.

          So, on September 1st, GO FAR FAR AWAY from any updates of iTunes or a new iOS.


          [Theme] Download Winterboard Themes *All iDevices*

          Update : New themes of the day !

          Here is where you will find new interested Themes for Winterboard.


          Tapp 1.1-16 *Crack*

          Update : Version 1.1-15 released !

          Download 1.1-15 Cracked : Official

          v 1.1-15
          • Supports iOS4
          • Changed icon

          Tapp lets you launch multiple applications using a single icon. The application that is launched depends on the number of times that the Tapp icon is tapped.

          • Add the applications you want to use with the same icon.

          Notes :

          Previous Version
          1.0.1 : 4shared
          1.0 : 4shared

          Applinks 1.5

          Update : Version 1.5 released !
          Download 1.5 : Official

          v 1.5
          • Updated to Retina display and iPad support

          AppLinks automatically creates shortcuts for all AppStore apps for quick access.
          Ever try to SSH into your device to view the files of a specific App Store app but can’t find it because the files aren’t named. This is what AppLinks will help you with. Open it up and press the bottom left button and it’ll make shortcut folders in /var/mobile/AppLinks and find shortcuts to all your App Store apps by name.

          Notes :


          Previous Version
          1.4 : 4shared

          Quick Dismiss

          Update : Version released !

          Download : Official

          Quick Dismiss is an old tweak from David Ashman available on Cydia updated to support iOS4.
          This tweak will permit you to close notification popup (close and not block) when you are on the lockscreen without unlocking your iDevice !

          Repo : ModYouri (repo.modyouri.com)
          Version :
          Autor : David Ashman
          Compability : OS x3,iOS 4
          Price : free

          Notes :

          Previous Version
          1.1.3 : Official

            FaceTime Mod 0.5

            Download 0.5 : Official

            FaceTime Mod est un nouveaux tweak du repo ModYouri.
            Ce mod va vous permettre d’augmenter la qualité de la vidéo lors de l’utilisation de FaceTime en augmentant le FPS (nombre d’images /sec) jusqu’à 30.

            • Repo : http://repo.modyouri.com
            • 3G Unrestrictor, use FaceTime over 3G but it seems that phone carrier has blocked the port for FaceTime over 3G.
            • FaceBreak

            The mod doesn’t have any settings. When the connection is being made it decides which FPS to use based on the connection speed between both devices, this is why devices on both ends must have this mod installed else it will default with the 15 FPS value. The FPS mod changes the default 15 FPS to range from 6-30 FPS. Slower connections (edge) will connect at a lower FPS, probably 6. Faster connections (WiFi and 3G) can connect up to 30 FPS. Try it out and let me know if you see the difference. To test edge, we disabled 3G and WiFi which lowered the FPS. With edge being so slow though, the connection can still suck, lol.
            I can also change the video resolution too, will make a different mod though because it does not have a Min/Max value.

            Notes :

            eWifi 2.0.3

            Update : Version 2.0.3 released !

            Download 2.0.3 : Official

            eWiFi is an application which will permit you to detect and manage Wifi networks around you, equal to ExtremeWifi, yFy Network Finder or WifiFoFum.

            Changelog v2.0.3
            • Add the following localization.
              - Chinese (Simple & Traditional)
              - Dutch
              - Persian
              - Romania
              - Nederlands(Dutch)



            Notes :

            Previous Version
            2.0.1 : Official
            2.0 : 4shared

              Call InfoFields 1.1

              Update : Version 1.1 released ! Changelog in screenshot.

              Download 1.1 : Official

              Call InfoFields lets you add an extra contact field of your choice to be shown when you are receiving a call , e.g. Job Title, Email, URL, Address or any other field of the contact that is calling you.
              It also scrolls to show truncated text if the field is too large to fit.
              It is as simple as that ;)

              Works on iPhone 3.x and 4.0


              Notes :

              Previous Version
              0.9 : Official
              0.1 : Official