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Prank Someone with any e-mail address you can imagine. An app that let’s you send free fake emails to anyone with any e-mail address. The only thing you need is Internet connection and simply fill out the fields. In the first field add any e-mail you can imagine, in the second one the recipient of the mail and finally, add a subject, compose the e-mail and press the ‘Send’ button. The recipient will receive an e-mail message by the e-mail you have chosen for sender. Your anonymity is protected. Enjoy our Ranking system by promoting from Private Pranker to Pwn General for the Total mail pwnage! ☺ A perfect way to prank your friends! Please do not use Pwn Mail to send threatening emails , death threats or for any legal violation, as we are required by law to disclose any information might have if you do so.

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1.0 : Official

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