News iTunes 9.1.1 released !

Update : Users of Pwnage tool or Redsn0w, jailbreak is safe ! But keep away from this update if you hope to use Spirit, the future jailbreak tool !

iTunes 9.1.1 just poked its head up in Software Update and said "download me."

According to the update notes, iTunes 9.1.1 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

Changelog v9.1.1
  • Resolution of various stability issues with VoiceOver;
  • Solve a problem of usability with VoiceOver and mix Genius;
  • Troubleshooting during the conversion of songs to 128 kbps AAC when syncing;
  • Resolution of other issues that improve stability and performance.

Jailbroken users, keep away from this update and wait for a confirmation that jailbreak is safe !

Download iTunes 9.1.1 for Windows and Mac


BlackBreeze : Fix issue between Blackra1n and iTunes 9.1

Update 2 : BlackBreeze still works with iTunes 9.1.1

Update : Added a tip if some users have still a problem with Blackra1n and BlackBreeze !

Here is a fix for Windows users who have recently updated iTunes v9.1 and who are blocked to use Blackra1n !


If you want to keep your iTunes v9.1 :

    If problem :

    • Some users seem to have issues with BlackBreeze : Exe-fixed does not save.
    • Go to  C:\Program Files\Fichiers communs\Apple\Apple Application Support.
    • Fichiers communs = Common Files for Vista et Seven
    • Copy all these files :
    • Paste these files in the folder where Blackra1n.exe is located.
    • Start Blackra1n again !

    News iPhone revealed on June 7th ??

    The news regarding the "stolen" iPhone having been strongly shaken,Apple could probably reveal his new iPhone 4G on June 7th, date where it is the Apple Worldwild Developers Conference.
    It will be an opportunity for Apple to reveal many things, and why not the new iPhone...

    It will also be the moment to know if Gizmodo news was a bluff created by Apple, which could revealed an iPhone totally different from the one discovered...

    Keep in touch ! :mrgreen:

    mSecret 1.0 *Crack*

    Download 1.0 Cracked : Official 

    mSecret is a security software, specially developed for iphone to keep your information. Your important information, like calender, notebook and cards can be managed in categories, and will be safeguarded under mSecret on your iPhone. Keep all of your confidential information in one place, safe, secure, easy to access, and always with you. With the great encryption engine and advanced international encryption standard adopted, mSecret insure the information safety, even your iphone lost by accident.

    Functions & Characteristics

    It displays the coming events and latest modification,just like a reminder stand by.Here lists 10 pieces of oncoming things according to duetime,so that you will not miss any of them.
    Easy to search anything in mSecret.You have much info saved and it takes time to find what you need. Search will simplify it.
    Anything you like can be written down. It affords 4 default categories:Date,Note,Annivesary and Todo. It can also serve as a document editor,you may keep notes anytime in need.
    Follow the default mode to keep information. To create multiple categories and personlized mode is also available.You can store passwords, credit cards details, user names, codes, accounts (email, Internet, shopping, bank), web pages, addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and much more.
    Set password and mSecret when password is wrong.The unique features "hide true information with wrong password" and "delete all data directly when wrong password is input over 10 times" keep your information as safe as a house.


    PreferenceLoader 2.0-1

    Download 2.0-1 : Official

    PreferenceLoader is a Mobile Substrate based utility that allows developers to add entries to the Settings app, similar to the SettingsBundles that app store apps use.

    Notes :

    News Upcoming jailbreak for iPad 3.2 and all devices 3.1.3

    A great quote from BigBoss :

    So many rumors, complaints, confused people. I want to help clarify a few things about the jailbreak community and upcoming releases.
    First, I want to speak about the time it has taken for 3.1.3 to be jailbroken. Many think this indicates that Apple has won or that the jailbreak is just too hard. This is far from the truth. The fact is that 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 are really basically the same firmware. 3.1.3 was not “worth” doing a jailbreak for. Jailbreaks are done by finding a bug in Apple’s software and then exploiting it in some way that allows for the device to be compromised. At that point, the jailbreak software bundle is uploaded to the device and executed. When this completes, root access is achieved on the device.
    Every time a jailbreak is released, Apple analyzes how it was accomplished and fixes the bug that was used to jailbreak the device. Quite simply, 3.1.3 was not worth giving this bug to Apple to fix it.  However, Apple has since released the iPad. This has become worth using up an exploit to jailbreak the iPad. As of today, the main iPad world wide release has not yet occurred. Spirit should be close to ready when it does.
    At this point, there are *at least* two known exploits that have been used to provide jailbreaks. The first one we will see is from Comex and is called Spirit.  The next one is either from Geohot and is called LimeRa1n or Chronic dev called Greenpois0n.  Here are some infos on these jailbreaks:
    Spirit - There is no current release date (no, it will not be Friday as rumors say). This will work on all device to date and will not be tethered. This will jailbreak 3.1.3 and 3.2 (iPad) devices.  This jailbreak will require that your device is activated. That means, if your device says only “slide for emergency” you cannot use this jailbreak until you insert a valid sim card and activate the device. After that, you can jailbreak. Therefore, there will be no unlocking on Spirit. For those running 3.1.2 that wish to update to 3.1.3 and use Spirit, you cannot do so if you require an unlock. It is also unclear if a 3.1.2 version will be released to simply untether those of you that are on 3.1.2 (spirit currently requires a stock unjailbroken device to work). Spirit is real and it works very well. The current version is command line and a GUI is being written for it for both Windows and OSX.
    Spirit, while originally found and done by Comex alone, is being made into a product using the cooperation of many teams (iphone dev team, chronic dev team, as well as Comex).  As we should all understand, getting a jailbreak from exploit to usable tool is quite a bit of work. Especially on a new device like iPad where many tools have to be rewritten or updated (like Cydia).
    LimeRa1n - This is what Geohot is calling his jailbreak. Originally it was going to be released for iPad first, but instead Geohot got busy and is holding it for 4.0 (possibly to be completed by Chronic dev team). There may be an unlock planned by Geohot after 4.0 is released but its not clear yet. This jailbreak will not require an activated device and works differently than Spirit in that sense. In addition, there is a tethered and non-tethered version of this. It is not totally clear yet, but it may be possible to stretch this into two jailbreaks, one tethered and one not.
    Greenpois0n - This uses the same exploit that Geohot found and was being worked on by posixninja of the Chronic Dev Team. Greenpois0n is more of a toolset that can be used to find other jailbreaks, firmware decryption keys, and may be useful in the future. When it will be released is also unclear.
    How does this affect you?
    Here will be your options when Spirit is released shortly:
    1) You are on iPhone 3gs and are a subscriber to a contract carrier like AT&T. You will be able to update to 3.1.3 and jailbreak your device non-tethered.
    2) You are on iPhone pre-3gs - you can update to 3.1.3 and jailbreak today with redsn0w.
    3) You have a device that is not an iPhone (its an ipod touch any generation or an ipad) - you can update to 3.1.3 and use Spirit to jailbreak.
    4) You have an iPhone unlocked and on 3.1.2 tethered. You will have to wait. Spirit will probably not work for you. If you update to 3.1.3, your baseband will be updated and you will not be able to unlock again.
    5) You are on 3.1.2 and happy. Just install “3.1.3 firmware app”, click “3.1.3″ then “reboot” and you are as good as anyone that restored to 3.1.3 and jailbroke. Everything in appstore that requires 3.1.3 will work now.
    In any case, you guys will want to keep your shsh stored in Cydia. 3.1.3 shsh’s will become valuable soon.

    News Play iPad games on TV with iPhone controller


    Dave at Magic Jungle Software wanted to turn the iPad into a video game console. So he got on his thinking cap and did a little bit of development to turn his idea into a reality. The video you see here shows an iPad running a demo of his game, Chopper 2 (currently in development), while connected to a 42" TV via Apple's component cable.

    Even better, David notes that he used all public APIs to accomplish this feat. As of the 3.2 SDK, Apple now offers App Store-safe ways to send video out through a VGA connector or through a component video or composite video adapter cable. You can get an idea of some of the details behind this technology in the slides from this 10-minute impromptu talk given by Erica Sadun over the weekend at the Voices that Matter conference.

    But wait! There's more! The super fun part is that he's controlling the game with is iPhone via Bluetooth. He's using a GameKit two-device connection, effectively turning the iPhone into a wireless controller for the iPad. It's very cool, and the first we've seen an iPhone controlling an iPad game in this way. Connecting it to a TV was the cherry on top.

    This isn't the first time this kind of gaming on the TV using an iPhone has been done. Freeverse engineer created a proof-of-concept system using private APIs to achieve video out with an iPhone back in 2008. You can watch the video they created, using routines that Erica published over at Ars Technica. Magic Jungle isn't using any private calls, however. Their software is publishable, which means unlike that early demo, the chances of this ending up in your hands so you can try it out on your actual device are pretty high.

    All in all, this is pretty neat. Games often suffer from your hands being in the way (I'm looking at you, Resident Evil). On-screen smudges can diminish a real immersion experience. You simply don't experience those issues when the device itself is merely a controller.

    Here's hoping we seem more of this.

    I can't wait to play.

    News Thunderst0rm : unlock Baseband 05.12.01 *FAKE!*

    Update 4 : Swiss project "Thunderst0rm " was a Fake !

    Thunderst0rm was “supposed” to be an untethered jailbreak for 3.1.3. It was released and is available for download. Thunderst0rm is fake. Do not download or run it. We aren’t sure what all it does, but it does not jailbreak your device. Furthermore, it may install some spyware or something. It should be avoided. Rumors say it deletes several files from iTunes meaning you would possibly have to reinstall iTunes after running it.
    Another one called TurboSn0w2 is also fake.
    There are currently 2 known working exploits on 3.1.3/3.2 (ipad). One will be released from Comex called “Spirit” and the other by Geohot which will probably be one of his “Ra1n” apps. The two folks above are working together and will make sure that both are not released for the same device firmware. That means the next two major apple releases should be able to be jailbroken without looking for additional exploits.
    If you don’t see news about it here, at the iphone-dev team blog, or at Geohot’s “on the iphone” blog, assume that it is not real and do not run it until you see confirmation at one of the above sites.

    Update 3 : Thunderst0rm Team has released a software, which is mentionned "Final"

     Download Final Thunderst0rm : Official


    Update 2 : Thunderst0rm Team has posted a new video of their finished jailbreak tool !

    In fact, the video is not very clear but the software is finished and if tests show that ALL iDevices can be jailbroken, their jailbreak tool will be released today !

    I prefer to tell you that it is information and of course, I can not be sure that it is Fake or not...
    Wait and see...

    Update : Release of their tool soon... but KEEP AWAY FROM THIS TOOL! It smells like a Fake !

    Thunderst0rm, final release in 9 days (on April 23rd 2010) which promises jailbreak of Firmware 3.1.3 and unlock of baseband 05.12.01.


    Thunderst0rm is a project coming from Switzerland.
    This software would be able to unlock iPhone with baseband 05.12.01.
    According to MuscleNerd, it is a FAKE! Wait and see...

    Thunderst0m, Fake or not ?

    Warning : Test at your own risk - It is possible to crash definitively your iPhone ! Wait for final version before testing

    News Admob : iPhone grabs half all global smartphone use

    AdMob has released new data offering mutiple insights into the mobile ads market, not least the really rather curious statistic that nearly 30 per cent of first-gen iPhones are still in use.

    Three devices – the iPhone 3GS (39 percent), second generation iPod touch (25 percent) and iPhone 3G (20 percent) – generated 84 percent of total iPhone OS traffic.

    iPhone 3GS traffic share has increased from 30 percent in September 2009 to 39 percent in March 2010. The 1st Generation iPhone only generated 2 percent of iPhone OS requests in March 2010.

    The two most recent versions of the iPhone OS generate 86% of the traffic.  In March 2010, 44% of iPhone OS traffic came from devices running iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 42% from iPhone OS 3.1.2. 

    AdMob says 2% of its traffic is coming from those old iPhones, which Philip Elmer-DeWitt over at Apple 2.0 estimates Apple sold about 6.1 million units of across the product’s life span.

    DeWitt estimates that 7% of the pre-iPad devices running iPhone OS must be v.1 iPhones in his attempt to deduce first gen iPhones in the wild.
    Also of interest: Apple’s iPhone accounted for 46 percent of operating system share worldwide, according to AdMob, while it accounted for 47 per cent of device market share, the report also claims. It accounts for 70 per cent of UK operating system share.

    News Cops have collared that iPad finger-ripping criminal

    Police have apprehended the iPad finger ripper thief.

    You may recall the sequence of events, Bill Jordan was collecting an iPad for a friend from the Cherry Creek Shopping Center Apple Store in Colorado.

    As he was leaving the mall he was assaulted by two men who stole the iPad, and while doing so damaged his little finger so badly that it had to be amputated.

    The Denver Post now tells us the police caught one of the men. The suspect, identified as Brandon Darnell Smith (20), is described as 6-feet tall and weighing 160 pounds.

    The man was arrested without incident and is being held in connection with the investigation into the assault and robbery of Jordan.

    News Apple purchases Intrinsity ARM CPU

    Apple today confirmed earlier reports claiming it has acquired small chip maker, Intrinsity, the experts behind the A4 processor inside the iPad.

    The New York Times report follows speculation Apple was in talks to acquire the firm. The report repeats additional speculation that Intrinsity was involved in development of the A4 chip. IEEE's Spectrum’s earlier claims were that Apple used Intrinsity to speed up the design of ARM chips used in its mobile devices.

    The company accelerates ARM CPU designs while reducing power consumption. In July, Samsung announced an Intrinsity-enhanced 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 chip (Hummingbird).

    Top 50 Movies

    Download 1.0 : Official

    Like Watching the latest and most popular movies?
    Don't Like to wait/pay?
    Tired of those apps that "claim" to work but want money or just don't work?
    Then Top50 is the app for you.

    Top50 is a simple app which allows you to directly stream the top 50 movies out right now and it is updated automatically based on its usage by people like you.
    ***YOU NEED NOTHING BUT Top50 and an internet connection and you're good to go***
    Not only will you be able to stream movies to your iPhone but you have the option to download and also browse for more movies if you need more entertainment.
    As a bonus for those of you that have TvOut cables you can stream the movies to your TV.

    Notes :

    SouthPark Central 2.1.1

    Download 2.1.1 : Official

    Watch South Park on your iPhone or iPod touch for free courtesy of !

    Notes :

    App Search 1.0

    Download 1.0 : Official

    App Search is a new search engine specially built for searching iPhone apps. The database is updated daily to keep track of all apps in the Apple Store.
    Unlike the limited visibility from App Store on iPhone, we provide more flexibility to the user when searching apps.
    For the user's convenience, we have different top lists using different metrics. For example, we have a list of apps which are the most recent apps which are on discount and their current prices are $0. This helps the user to find the most recent free apps on discount. Based on user's needs, they can view the different lists based on their needs. However, if you go to App Store, their ranking policies are not so flexible.
    We also support keyword search. App Store only search for app name and the keyword list provided by the developers. However, sometimes, these keywords are not accurate since the developers may not provide proper keywords. In our search engine, we also search through the app description for keyword. (This feature is in development) Users can also choose how to rank the order of the search results, based on price, ratings, release date, or price change, etc. However, in App Store, you can't do any of this.

    Notes :

    iPhone does Everything, even Coffee !

    Just a little video because I like kidding...


    News LimeRa1n by Geohot : Jailbreak for all

    It seems that Geohot is preparing a new jailbreak tool which should be called LimeRa1n !
    This should THE new jailbreak tool for iPad, iPhone/iPod with new bootrom and Firmware 4.0 !

    LimeRa1n should be released for the Official release of the iPhone 4G and iPad 3G, then end of June.

    Wait and see...

    News no Release Date for Blackra1n RC4

    Our master of jailbreak, Geohot, has askeded, through his Twitter, to ALL jailbreak users not to ask him again and again a release date for his next jailbreak software which could be Blackra1n RC4 !


    Many users are blocked with iPhone 3GS and Firmware 3.1.3, and then I say to these users that NO SECURED SOFTWARES are available at this moment and nothing will be released before official Firmware 4.0 planned in June !

    Flashlight 2.4

    Download 2.4 : 4shared

    The flashlights on AppStore all suck because Apple refused to allow developers to increase the brightness. This version does not have this problem !

    Tap to strobe is back in the form of a button.

    Notes :

    News iPhoneOS 4 loves Gmail

    For all users of Gmail : Apple still loves you !

    Apple has added a new feature to archive locally your mails in the native application on Firmware 4.0.
    This feature will permit you to read your mails lately and remove them.
    Read more... Lite 1.0

    Download 1.0 : 4shared

    This is a light version of the popular application.
    This application provides users with free movie downloads, and streaming of select movies. It's a growing application, powered by the community. If you would like to contribute, feel free to visit on a computer, and upload movies of your own. We have over 2000 videos currently online, and more added everyday. The Lite version has the same movies as the full version, however this app loads much faster, and all unnecessary features have been taken out.


    Hit Obama 1.0.1

    Download 1.0.1 : 4shared

    This is a funny game where you can hit Obama.


    News Android running on the iPhone

    Wow! My first word to announce that Planetbeing succeeded in running Android OS on our iPhone !!
    It can be a real alternative to iPhoneOS and also maybe we could get Flash...

    Wait and see...


    News First iPad Theft

    Denver police have released surveillance video showing the widely-reported iPad theft in which robbers seriously damaged the finger of the victim while ripping him off.

    The attack took place on Monday when Jordan collected the iPad from a Denver Apple Store for a co-worker. He was leaving the mall with the bag wrapped around his hand when the thief struck, seizing the bag with such force victim, Bill Jordan, saw his finger seriously torn.

    "I saw just a bone, all the skin and tendons and everything were off," Jordan told CBS affiliate KCNC.

    Surveillance video shows two African-Americans following him. "The film shows them walking right behind me down the stairs as I was going out the store," Jordan explained.

    Metro Denver Crimestoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading the capture and conviction of the suspects.


    News Apple plans to introduce iTravel

    Apple's taking over. That’s clear. Now it seems the company has a notion to get involved in travel ticketing, boarding passes and check-in tech with a new app for that, called ‘iTravel’.

    Look to Patently Apple, who’ve unearthed the patent which is evidently being developed with the airlines in order to ensure the iPhone can deliver the goods - and the security - when ticketless travel makes it to prime time in years to come.

    Apple's iTravel focuses on such matters as airline check-in and baggage identification, advanced electronic ID, car rentals, hotel and airline reservations and so forth. “Apple's iTravel is yet another Near Field Communications based application within a host of recent revelations,” reveals Patently Apple. That’s all-based on those varied technologies for this Apple’s been tinkering with for a while - RFID chips in your iPhones are coming.

    It gets interesting, the upgraded iPhone camera can take digital images of travel documents, after which the device can use optical character recognition (OCR) software, barcode reading software, and/or QR code reading software to extract ticket information from the image!

    Traveler identification information, such as a photograph, fingerprint, or retinal scan, may be accessed from the local server or the web service for verification of the traveler's identity.

    There’s so much to this patent, including security and identity check implementations, ticket purchasing, and so much more.

    It even introduces the concept of an automated security checking process where users of the iTravel app could process themselves through the security clearance system and check themselves in at the boarding gate...

    Oh, and it looks a little to us like the iPhone can even alert you when your baggage is circling its way to you on the baggage reclaim.

    News iPhone Ads

    Here is a new thread where I will add all the iPhone Ads I found on the web and we can watch on TV...
    Of course, if I missed something, do not hesitate to post a link and I will add the video.