Download link : Blackra1n RC3 (Windows and Mac version).

Blackra1n RC3 is a jailbreak tool for Firmware 3.1.2.
It integrates Blacksn0w to unlock baseband 05.11.07
New models of iPhone and iPod have a new iBoot, your jailbreak will be tethered (Read this).

Required :
  • a jailbroken or not iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Device with Firmware 3.1.2
  • internet connection with Wifi or 3G.
  • iTunes 9.0.1 ou 9.0.2.

Notes :

Before unlocking your device, disable your PIN code.


Jailbreak without SIM card

Jailbreak with SIM card

If Blackra1n does NOT work

  • Close iTunes.
  • Unplug your iPhone from PC
  • Start Blackra1n RC3
  • Clic on Make it Ra1n
  • Connect your iPhone to PC
  • Use Recovery mode
  • Etc..
  • Jailbreak with Blackra1n RC3 after restore of Firmware 3.1.2 with iTunes.



  • Before starting Blackra1n from your springboard, be sure to have an Internet connection Wifi.
  • I advise you not to install Cydia and Blacksn0w at the same time.



Blacksn0w is available on Cydia : Add source

Wifi issues

Go to Settings – General - Reset – Reset network settings.

Connection SSH with USB issues

afc2add 1.01 fix usb Blackra1n

iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch New iBoot

Jailbreak Tethered Blackra1n RC3

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