[Crack] LockInfo

Update : Version released ! Crack is out !!

v - February 26, 2012
* Fixes issues with device waking on notifications and other new items.
* Blocks banners when the data is viewed on the lockscreen.
* Adds multiple tap gestures for favorites.
* Notifications now respect the Notification Center setting - if it's disabled there, it doesn't show in LockInfo.
* iMessages from email addresses now show the contact.
* Compatibility with Flowtation and Twitkafly.
* Fixes incorrect counts.
* Fixes crashes on iPad when clearing notifications.

    [NOTE] Install dba-tech Common first!
    Installing it will automatically apply the keygen.
    This means that you will be able to updated to newer versions of LockInfo directly from ModMyi repo (at least untill the dev keeps the key as it is now)

            > dba-tech Common (+ keygen) DEB

            > LockInfo original DEB

            Customize your lockscreen to get the information you need, when you need it. LockInfo gives you access to all of your important information right on your lockscreen. LockInfo supports plugins to expand the available information for your lockscreen.

            LockInfo is configured and purchased through the Settings application on your iDevice.

            Features :
            * Retina display support.
            * StatusBar icons.
            * Rotation support - SBRotator, LSRotator and iPad!
            * Better rendering logic for faster refreshes.

            LockInfo includes plugins for :
            * Mail - See your new email senders and subjects on your lockscreen.
            * Calendar - See the next few events on your calendar.
            * SMS - Get notified when you get a new SMS.
            * Phone - Get notified when you miss a call or when someone leaves you a voicemail.
            * Push Notifications - See all of your push notifications right on your lockscreen.

            More plugins are available through Cydia

            mobilesubstrate, preferenceloader, libactivator (>= 1.2), com.zimm.libdisplaystack, libstatusbar | firmware (<< 4.0)




              Previous Version
     : Official
              dba-tech : Official
     : Official
              dba-tech : Official
     : Official 

     : Official 

              dba-tech : Official
     : Official
     : Official 

     : Official 
              ---------------------------without dba-tech required---------------------------

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official 

     : Official (reboot after install)
     : Official

     : Official
     : 4shared
     : Official
     : Official
     : Official
     : 4shared
     : 4shared
              2.0.0-7: 4shared

              [Crack] QuickDo 3.6-1

              Update : Version 3.6-1 released ! Keygen is out !!

              v 3.6-1

              INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (read carefully!):
              - Download the patched DEB from the following link and install it on your device
              - Respring your device
              - Open QuickDo application (should be on your springboard)
              - Tap on "Activate", so you'll know your QuickDo ID
              - Open the keygen link
              - Select "QuickDo 3.x (for iPhone)"
              - Copy QuickDo ID into the keygen (it should be 10 characters long with numbers and letters from A to F, beware it's CASE SENSITIVE!)
              - Copy the generated Serial Number into QuickDo application
              - Tap on "Activate" button on the top-right corner
              - Now your device should automaticcally respring and the app should be activated

              PATCHED DEB

              QuickDo is virtual Home and Power buttons for the iPhone and iPod touch.By making use of the trigger function,QuickDo will help you operate iPhone and Touch easily,like exit a app,reboot or power off,mute or hang up the incoming call,etc.In addition, QuickDo now lets you define sliding short-cuts to quickly unlock your device and immediately launch your favorite apps.It's surely worth a shot!

              Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

              Official website: http://www.clezz.com
              Official repo: http://cydia.clezz.com

              Main Functions :

              * Virtual "Home" button,exit app,lock the device and iPod everytime.
              * Power button,respring,reboot and power off.
              * Multi-task manage,close or switch background app.
              * One click to close all running app.
              * App shortcuts,quickly open your favorite app.
              * Mute or hang up the incoming call.

              Notes :
              • This version only supports iPhone,iPod touch (OS 3.x, OS4.x)
              Previous Version 
              3.0.3 : MegaUpload | MediaFire Keygen : Official
              1.4.4 : 4shared

                [Crack] FullScreen for Safari 1.35

                Update : Version 1.35 released ! Crack is out !!

                -ButtonBar is now being shown when going to bookmarks during full screen mode
                -fixed possible crash

                Download 1.35 Cracked : Official

                Only for iPhone and iPod with OS 4.x to 5.x!

                Offers not only a FullScreen mode: also makes Safari a real multitouch browser.
                Adds many new Gestures like two and three finger swipes, three finger tab, shake...
                Assign different Actions to the Gestures like switch tabs, go back, go forward, create new tab, close current tab, ...
                With this, Safari is a realy intuitive and cool web browser.

                FullScreen has been tested to work on all iPhones and iPods running firmware 4.0 to 4.1. It also works well with other Safari extensions..

                Features :
                • toogleable FullScreen mode
                • new Gestures
                • new Actions
                • more fun
                • intuitive
                • did I say cool yet? ;)
                • and many more...
                Posted Image

                  Notes :

                  Previous Version 
                  1.30 : Official
                  1.15 : Official
                  1.14 : Official
                  1.10-1 : Official
                  1.09beta : Official
                  1.02-1 : Official

                    [Crack] AnyRing 5.40

                    Update : Version 5.40released ! Crack is out !!

                    v 5.40
                    * Added CallBar support
                    * Added "Use System Ringtone volume"
                    * Fixed crashes with AppStore apps
                    * Less code dependencies

                    Download 5.40 Cracked : Official

                    [NOTE] This app is pre-activated, so just install it and use it. Do not click on "DONT CLICK!" button or you'll have to uninstall the app and install it again!

                    AnyRing Features

                    • Set any song as a Ringtone
                    • Set your recorded voices as Ringtone
                    • Select short tones as SMS Ringtone
                    • Email Ringtone
                    • No Audio conversion
                    • Choose starting point/ending point of selected Ringtone
                    • Enable or Disable Vibration
                    • Share your Ringtones via Bluetooth
                    • Support for YouTube
                    • Support for BiteSMS
                    • Support for Partial Hebrew
                    • Easy to use interface
                    • Support for iOS 5.0

                    AnyRing 5.0 has been launched. AnyRing is a paid tweak for iphone by which you can plau music as ringtones.

                    With AnyRing you can easily select any music on your iPod library to play as a ringtone. AnyRing even lets you select your favorite part of the song (starting/ending points) to use as the actual ringtone. Does not require any audio conversion of any type!

                    AnyRing 5.0 is updated to include the beautifully designed user interface. All the code is again rewritten to make it more efficient and optimized. User Interface is completely newly designed to include far better look , desgined by the Suki.Co.il . Now In AnyRing 5 is now able to change the E-mail ringtone.

                    Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

                    Previous Version
                    5.31 : Official
                    5.28b : Official
                    5.27 : Official
                    5.22 : Official
                    5.13 : Official
                    5.1 : Official
                    5.0 : Official
                    3.80 : Official
                    3.2.2 : 4shared 
                    3.2.1 : 4shared

                    [Crack] Barrel 1.5.9-2

                    Update : Version 1.5.9-2 released ! Crack is out !!

                    • Further IntelliscreenX fixes
                    • iPad rotation and SBRotator bug fixes
                    • IntelliscreenX compatibility fix

                          Download 1.5.9-2 Cracked : Official

                          NOT FOR iPad on iOS 3.2
                          This tweak adds graphical effects to your icon pages as you scroll through the homescreen. In the tweak's settings, you can choose between 18 different modes. Here is the current list.

                          Cube (inside)
                          Cube (outside)
                          Page Slide Down
                          Page Slide Up
                          Curl and Roll Away (extremely popular!)
                          Curl and Roll Away Alternate
                          Vertical Scrolling
                          Page Fade
                          Stairs (down right)
                          Stairs (down left)
                          Page Squeeze
                          Icon Collection
                          Icon Scatter
                          Page Zoom

                          New effects are still being developed. There is also an option to turn the effects off. Configure options from your Settings app. No new icons will be added to your home screen, everything is entirely configurable from the Settings app.
                          Completely tested and works on iOS 3 through iOS 5.
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                          Posted ImagePosted Image

                          Notes :

                          Previous Version 
                          1.5.8-1 : Official
                          1.5.7-1 : Official
                          1.5.5-2 : Official
                          1.5.4-3 : Official
                          1.5.3-1 : Official
                          1.5.2-1 : Official
                          1.5.1-26 : Official
                          1.5.0-1 : Official
                          1.5.0 : Official
                          1.4.0-1 : Official
                          1.3.0 : Official
                          1.2.1-1 : Official
                          1.2.0 : Official
                          1.1.0 : Official
                          1.0.2 : Official
                          1.0.1 : Official
                          1.0.0-32 : Official

                          [Crack] Multifl0w 2.1.9-1

                          Update : Version 2.1.9-1 released ! Crack is out !!

                          • Fixed a "black screen" bug when closing certain apps on iOS 5

                                Download 2.1.9-1 Cracked : Official

                                Visual multitasking for the iPhone and iPad!

                                Posted Image

                                Notes :

                                Previous Version
                                2.1.8-1 : Official
                                2.1.6-1 : Official
                                2.1.5-3 : Official
                                2.1.4-1 : Official
                                2.1.2-2 : Official
                                2.1.1 : Official
                                2.1 : Official
                                2.0.4 : Official
                                2.0.3 : Official
                                2.0.2-4 : Official
                                2.0.1-37 : Official
                                2.0.0-409 : Official

                                [Crack] Graviboard 2.0-1

                                Update : Version 2.0-1 released ! Crack is out !!

                                Support for iOS 5
                                Support for multi-touch
                                Can be automatically activated
                                Allows paging while activated

                                  Download 2.0-1 Cracked : Official

                                  Requires iOS4+

                                  Turn on the gravity!

                                  Graviboard is a tweak that brings gravity to the homescreen, and is guarenteed to amaze both you and your friends. When activated, all the icons on your homescreen will fall down (or up!) and the chaos will begin!

                                  Use your finger to drag and fling icons!

                                  Tilt your device and the icons follow!

                                  Change the force of gravity - even to negative gravity!

                                   Posted ImagePosted Image

                                  Notes :

                                  Previous Version
                                  1.06-1 : Official
                                  1.05-1 : Official
                                  1.04-1 : Official
                                  1.02-1 : Official

                                    [Crack] PlayAwake 1.2-7

                                    Update : Version 1.2-7 released ! Crack is out !!

                                    v 1.2-7
                                    * iOS 5 support
                                    * code improvements
                                    * added Greek localization

                                    [NOTE] To activate this you must be connected via WiFi or 3G while opening Clock app after installing the package, for your license to be downloaded. If the license doesnt get downloaded at first attempt just close Clock app from background and open it again (sometimes server is just lazy)

                                        Download 1.2-7 Cracked : Official

                                        Use iPod music as alarm clock sound! Just pick a track from your device's Music Library from inside the default alarm clock app and you will wake up listening to your favorite song! For iOS4+.
                                        This tweak fully integrates in the default Clock app!
                                        You must set your playback volume from within your iPod app first, to set the volume for the alarm playback .

                                         Posted ImagePosted Image

                                        Notes :

                                        Previous Version 
                                        1.2-6 : Official
                                        1.2-4 : Official
                                        1.2-3 : Official
                                        1.0-9 : Official
                                        1.0-8 : Official