Update : Version 1.2-7 released ! Crack is out !!

v 1.2-7
* iOS 5 support
* code improvements
* added Greek localization

[NOTE] To activate this you must be connected via WiFi or 3G while opening Clock app after installing the package, for your license to be downloaded. If the license doesnt get downloaded at first attempt just close Clock app from background and open it again (sometimes server is just lazy)

      Download 1.2-7 Cracked : Official

      Use iPod music as alarm clock sound! Just pick a track from your device's Music Library from inside the default alarm clock app and you will wake up listening to your favorite song! For iOS4+.
      This tweak fully integrates in the default Clock app!
      You must set your playback volume from within your iPod app first, to set the volume for the alarm playback .

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      Notes :

      Previous Version 
      1.2-6 : Official
      1.2-4 : Official
      1.2-3 : Official
      1.0-9 : Official
      1.0-8 : Official

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