Here is a video guide to help you to restore a Firmware on your iPhone or iPod Touch really simply.
All official Firmwares of Apple are available on the blog.

Required :
Note that you will lose your jailbreak if you have it.

For NON-jailbroken iPhone

  • Open iTunes
  • Press on « Search for Updates » then iTunes will detect your Firmware and so, install the new one 


For jailbroken iPhone

Appuyer sur  » Shift » sur votre PC et cliquer en même temps sur le bouton « Restaurer ».


In case of crash, DO NOT PANIC :

  • Shutdown your iPhone (press buttons HOME+POWER) and unplug it from your computer :
A pop-up of iTunes will appear and will ask you to search for new updates on the activation server : Accept and continue
iTunes detects then that you are in DFU mode and then Restore is beggining.

Don't forget to accept when Operator update is requesting.

- Restore old Firmware (iPhone 3G)

- Jailbreak Firmware

- Firmwares iPhone et iPod Touch

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