Update : For sure, Jaibreak is safe !

As envisaged at a few days of the official release of the iPAD, here is a new update of iTunes.

This new update brings the support of the synchronization of the new iPAD.

Jailbroken Users

  • Appsync is still working.
  • SSH connection with softwares like iTunnel Suite or iFunBox is still working.
  • It is NOT recommended to update iTunes to version 9.1 but a fix is planned in case of you did to be able to use Blackra1n.
According to iH8sn0w, for people who use Blackra1n, after a reboot of your iDevice, do NOT update iTunes !!!!


  • According to iH8sn0w, Windows users have an issue with Blackra1n, issue not met for Mac users.
  • If you made the mistake to upgrade iTunes, read this to downgrade your iTunes version.
  • Or use Blackbreeze to fix the issue with Blackra1n and iTunes 9.1.

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