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App Search is a new search engine specially built for searching iPhone apps. The database is updated daily to keep track of all apps in the Apple Store.
Unlike the limited visibility from App Store on iPhone, we provide more flexibility to the user when searching apps.
For the user's convenience, we have different top lists using different metrics. For example, we have a list of apps which are the most recent apps which are on discount and their current prices are $0. This helps the user to find the most recent free apps on discount. Based on user's needs, they can view the different lists based on their needs. However, if you go to App Store, their ranking policies are not so flexible.
We also support keyword search. App Store only search for app name and the keyword list provided by the developers. However, sometimes, these keywords are not accurate since the developers may not provide proper keywords. In our search engine, we also search through the app description for keyword. (This feature is in development) Users can also choose how to rank the order of the search results, based on price, ratings, release date, or price change, etc. However, in App Store, you can't do any of this.

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