New Everything about new iPhone 4G

This post will relate week after week all rumors, all evidence, all photos, all news regarding the future New iPhone !!!

Update 9 : True pictures of iPhone 4G

Update 8 : New video of iPhone 4G !! Fake ??

Update 7 : New concept of iPhone 4 !

Update 6 : The future iPhone 4 begins to be true !


It seems that the future iPhone will be equipped with a front camera and a flash Led to optimize the capture !

  • This new feature could be then approprite to the future service proposed with OS 4.0 : iChat iDevices, a IM client by Apple !

Update 5 : News about Firmware 4.0 and new iPhone

According to a survey of AppleInsider, the future Firmware 4.0 which will be for the next generation of iPhone will be for sure multitask, this confirms rumors.
Moreover, this new Firmware will permit users to switch between opened applications using several windows like Expose on Mac OSX.

Update 4 :  A Little thinking...

It's been 1 year that iPhone 3GS was revealed to Public. If Apple keeps this function mode to refresh his range of product, we could see not one but two iPhones according to Wall Street Journal.
According to Engadget, iPhone new generation should be announced around June 22 and (why not?) could be called iPHONE HD.
John Gruber of DaringFireball predicts that iPHONE HD would have a resolution 960 x 640, with a second facial camera and Firmware 4.0 with native multitask, remember that his predictions are almost always right !
Moreover, it seems that Apple is working on an iPhone CDMA, which could be revealed on September 2010.

Wait and see…

Update 3 : Nice concept in video ! 

Update 2 : New concept for iPhone HD 

Update 1 : A very nice concept from the ADR Team

One evidence found in the iPhone SDK supports the rumor that the next generation iPhone will support video chat.
9to5Mac has found a few icons in the SDK that seem to “indicate that there will be video calling on an iPxxx device.”
Additional evidence was found hidden in the underlying iPhone telephony apps which contain some “VideoChat strings that are equally, if not more, damning evidence of future VideoChatting capabilities.”

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