Update 4 : Swiss project "Thunderst0rm " was a Fake !

Thunderst0rm was “supposed” to be an untethered jailbreak for 3.1.3. It was released and is available for download. Thunderst0rm is fake. Do not download or run it. We aren’t sure what all it does, but it does not jailbreak your device. Furthermore, it may install some spyware or something. It should be avoided. Rumors say it deletes several files from iTunes meaning you would possibly have to reinstall iTunes after running it.
Another one called TurboSn0w2 is also fake.
There are currently 2 known working exploits on 3.1.3/3.2 (ipad). One will be released from Comex called “Spirit” and the other by Geohot which will probably be one of his “Ra1n” apps. The two folks above are working together and will make sure that both are not released for the same device firmware. That means the next two major apple releases should be able to be jailbroken without looking for additional exploits.
If you don’t see news about it here, at the iphone-dev team blog, or at Geohot’s “on the iphone” blog, assume that it is not real and do not run it until you see confirmation at one of the above sites.

Update 3 : Thunderst0rm Team has released a software, which is mentionned "Final"

 Download Final Thunderst0rm : Official


Update 2 : Thunderst0rm Team has posted a new video of their finished jailbreak tool !

In fact, the video is not very clear but the software is finished and if tests show that ALL iDevices can be jailbroken, their jailbreak tool will be released today !

I prefer to tell you that it is information and of course, I can not be sure that it is Fake or not...
Wait and see...

Update : Release of their tool soon... but KEEP AWAY FROM THIS TOOL! It smells like a Fake !

Thunderst0rm, final release in 9 days (on April 23rd 2010) which promises jailbreak of Firmware 3.1.3 and unlock of baseband 05.12.01.


Thunderst0rm is a project coming from Switzerland.
This software would be able to unlock iPhone with baseband 05.12.01.
According to MuscleNerd, it is a FAKE! Wait and see...

Thunderst0m, Fake or not ?

Warning : Test at your own risk - It is possible to crash definitively your iPhone ! Wait for final version before testing

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