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FaceTime Mod est un nouveaux tweak du repo ModYouri.
Ce mod va vous permettre d’augmenter la qualité de la vidéo lors de l’utilisation de FaceTime en augmentant le FPS (nombre d’images /sec) jusqu’à 30.

  • Repo :
  • 3G Unrestrictor, use FaceTime over 3G but it seems that phone carrier has blocked the port for FaceTime over 3G.
  • FaceBreak

The mod doesn’t have any settings. When the connection is being made it decides which FPS to use based on the connection speed between both devices, this is why devices on both ends must have this mod installed else it will default with the 15 FPS value. The FPS mod changes the default 15 FPS to range from 6-30 FPS. Slower connections (edge) will connect at a lower FPS, probably 6. Faster connections (WiFi and 3G) can connect up to 30 FPS. Try it out and let me know if you see the difference. To test edge, we disabled 3G and WiFi which lowered the FPS. With edge being so slow though, the connection can still suck, lol.
I can also change the video resolution too, will make a different mod though because it does not have a Min/Max value.

Notes :

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