Download 0.1.4 : Official

SendPDUClass0 is a free application from rayan008 on repo FrenchiPhone in Cydia.
It will permot you to easily send FlashSMS also called “class 0″ SMS.
If you have iPhoneDelivery installed on your iPhone, you will also receive a delivery receipt.
FlashSMS are written messages thath you send to someone like a classic SMS except that this one is not saved into phone memory. It directly displays on your iPhone screen and is anonymous !

  • Repo :
  • Start the application.
  • Enter a number (international format).
  • Do NOT use accent.
  • Activate your cellular data 3G

- the flashSMS is anonymous to an iPhone, but on some phones, the number is displayed.
- you can also send flashSMS with iPhoneDelivery, by beggining your message by « ! » or « ? ».
Repo : FrenchiPhone
Version : 0.1.4
Autor : rayan008
Compability : OS x3,iOS 4x
Price : free

Notes :

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