Update : Version 1.63 released ! Crack is out !!

    v 1.63
  • Fix: issues with saving prefs
  • Change: don't require respring anymore, change prefs on the fly.

    Download 1.63 Cracked : Official

    Send SMS, Call, Email, and Push notifications to any PC/Mac machine that is running Growl with GNTP support. Support for XBMC/Plex/Boee, so yoxur notifications won't be missed while your watching TV.

    Explanations : A new feature that Apple introduced with the release of iPhone OS 3.0 was the push notifications, an option that was being sued by users for quite some time and that Apple eventually implemented despite being far from the desired Basante multitasking.

    In Cydia you can find applications to improve the notifications, to background applications, view them in a nice way to send notifications or iPhone to your Mac

    NotifyPro is just that, an application that allows us to send notifications from iPhone to your Mac, so that when an incoming call, message, warning Push or email, in addition to the usual notice in the iPhone, we also come to our Mac using the Growl system known.

    In the extended entry we explain the operation of the application:

    To configure just have to follow the following steps:

    * Open the Growl application and choose Settings> Add a Host

    Notes :

    Previous Version
    1.62 : Official
    1.43 : Official
    1.25  : 4shared

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