Update 2 : Tool of Geohot will be release later because of hix taxes (?!?)

Geohot has announced that the release of his new version of Blackra1n will be done later because he must pay his taxes ! We can hope the other teams like Dev Team will release their jailbreak tool soon !
But it seems that they are all waiting for the release of iPad 3G or the end of June for the official release of the iPhone.

Update : Little summary of the situation

As you could have seen, Geohot has recently demonstrated that he had jailbroken the beta version of the future Firmware 4.0.
many people are wondering : And my Firmware 3.1.3 then ???


Just keep in mind that the exploit recently discovered to have an untethered jailbreak on the iPod Touch 3G was realised with Firmware 3.1.3
We can then expect an update of Blackra1n on all iDevices (included new iboot) and on all Firmwares such as 3.1.3, 3.2 (iPad) and the future 4.0.
The Dev Team, with the help of ChronicDev, and with the exploit of Comexkstd was also realised on Firmware 3.1.3 and they have also demonstrated the jailbreak on the beta version beta of Firmware 4.0.

Be patient, competition with hackers will permit us the release of a future tool soon ! It could be called "Spirit"


Posixninja, member of ChronicDev Team has posted a news on their blog in order to clarify a state about the jailbreak of Firmware 3.1.3 and 3.2 for iPad.
He confirms that the exploit of Comex (Geohot having the same exploit) can be easily fixed by Apple for the next Firmware update.
Regarding the exploit of iBoot,jailbreak Teams prefer to wait for a new iBoot version (on the future iPhone and iPod Touch) to make new tests !

A first jailbreak tool on the Firmware 3.1.3 from DevTeam or ChronicDev could be released for the end of this month !

They advise us to watch out our friend Geohot who could eventually release a jailbreak tool.

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