Opera mini Web Browser is now available on the AppStore and for free !
A great alternative to Safari mobile, with several options and features as speed dial for 9 pre-defined websites...

Video Demo. 



    Opera Mini Web Browser : FREE


    An Issue ??

    Opera Mini Web Browser can cause an issue to some users. It seems that they have issues to navigate on the web with Edge or 3G connection.

    To fix it, try this : 

    • Go to Settings in your iPhone.
    • Disable Wifi.
    • Be sure to enable Edge or 3G.
    • Then start the application Opera Mini Web Browser.
    • Go to Settings in the browser and then Advanced.
    • Use HTTP protocol.
    • Close the application and then restart Opera.
    Note : You can re-activate Wifi network.

    For users that have Opera not working at all !
    • SSH your iPhone and go to \var\mobile\Applications\Opera application\Documents\reksio.ini
    • Edit the file reksio.ini (with notepad).
    • Change DefaultServerType=Socks to DefaultServerType=Http.

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