Update: Facetime and MMS bugs are fixed through cydia. Just open cydia and upgrade when prompted.

iPhone 4 carrier unlock delayed. So far only MuscleNerd and PlanetBeing were testing the new exploit, and before they release it they want to pass it around to other people, so they can be 100% sure it is flawless.

JAILBREAK FOR ALL iDEVICES, Firmware 4.0.1 and less

The jailbreak is out, and its easier than ever. Whats really cool about this new jailbreak is that all you have to do is visit jailbreakme.com through your i-device and follow the on screen instructions. This will jailbreak all the latest i-devices with the latest firmware and even the iphone 4.

Known Issues: Fails on ipad 3.2.1 Version and some users lose mms and facetime.

Visit JailbreakMe.com Through i-device

iPhone hacker comex released his jailbreak about an hour or so ago and many people are already talking about it quite a bit, mainly because of the fact that they're having errors and a lot of questions. Here are some frequently asked questions:

1. What is JailbreakMe 2.0?

This is the latest cross-device/firmware untethered jailbreak by comex. It was released on Sunday, August 1 (like the previous jailbreak, carrying over the "Sunday is Funday" slogan many veteran jailbreakers and unlockers are familiar with.

2. How Does this Jailbreak Work?

All you have to do is visit http://jailbreakme.com on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, 'Slide to Jailbreak' and wait for the rest of the process to take place on your device.

If that link is not loading, please use ModMyi's alternative link to jailbreak your device.

3. My Device Just Hangs at a Purple Screen. What do I do?

This will usually mean there was a problem connection to the server and whatever you're attempting to do isn't working properly. After sliding, a windows should appear and you should notice a process similar to the one in the images below. If your jailbreak does not appear similar to mine, then something had gone wrong. Reboot and attempt the jailbreak again.

Please note that this process may take a few minutes, so be patient. It should look a little something like this:

4. Something Went Wrong! What do I do?

Please post any bugs below in the comments section or email comex at: comexk@gmail.com with a detailed log or error report and provide him with visuals if possible.

5. Where's the iPhone 4 Unlock?

Simply install unltrasn0w through Cydia like you did on older iPhone models and your iPhone 3G S and/or iPhone 4 should be unlocked.

The unlock isn't quite finished yet, though. I'll let you guys know when it's available through Cydia.

6. My Device Needs to be Activated, so what do I do?

You'll need to purchase an official SIM card for the carrier your iPhone is locked to or purchase a phonebook SIM online and activate it that way. A quick search on Google/eBay should turn up a few different phonebook SIM cards that work on any iPhone.

This jailbreak
IS NOT a hacktivation tool, so you must activate it through iTunes first.

Again, please post and bugs or questions in the comments below. Be sure to include your device, firmware and a detailed report of the bug/issue.

Please remember to contact @comex and @MuscleNerd with any serious issues or head on over to the iPhone Dev-Team's blog to seek support from other users.


Jailbreak by comex, website by westbaer and chpwn. Special thanks go out to BigBoss, chronic, DHowett, MuscleNerd, planetbeing, posixninja, and saurik. Thanks to everyone else that tested and helped, and all who donated.

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