Update : 3 Bloggers were chosen ! Coder0, dock999 and FreshJuli !! I'm sure they will do their best to make this blog alive during my holidays!
It is time for me to go in HOLIDAYS !!! I come back on August 21st !!! I hope you will still be there when I will come back with news, cracks and more...

If you need some info, you can still contact me, I will read my mails.

Hi All !

My holidays are coming fast...(beginning of August) and I would not like to give this Blog up for 2 weeks !!

Then, I've decided to let the chance to One Reader of HackStor to contribute to this goal !!
From August 4th to 12th, I will be in vacation.

The objective is simple :
  • post all cracks found around the web (from Xsellize, Sinfuliphone...)
  • post the main news (only big news and not "AppStore's Downloads are now 345 billions")
  • update the posts related to Cracks and Free apps (mainly thanks to BigBoss or ModMyI)
  • the most important is to respect my job and respect then the format of my posts : one picture in an iPhone, download link, description of the application, installation notes and previous version if there is.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me or to let a comment here. Be motivated, show me that you want to keep this blog alive during 2 weeks by writing me a little motivation letter.

Of course, you will have a gift (accessories for your iPhone !).

And, finally, if I made the wrong choice, Do Not Forget That I AM The ADMIN and Will Ban You if you Try to F*** ME ! ;)

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