Now all iOS-Devices are jailbreakable und for many it's the first jailbreak, maybe the easyest ever.
Here are some tipps what you can do after jailbreaking your device.

The Jailbreak1. Plug in your device and do a backup with itunes.
2. Update to the newest firmware (iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4: 4.0.1, iPod touch: 4.0, iPad: 3.2.1)
3. Open Safari and go to
4. Slide to Jailbreak!
Now you're finished with the Jailbreak.
Who didn't save the SHSH-Blobs should do this now, because if you want to restore your device later you need them.
Just press the "Make my life easier, thanks" Button in Cydia and this will be done for you.

At first you should download "Features" if you have an iphone 3G or an ipod 2G. With features you can activate or deactivate iOS4 features like Multitasking, Homescreen Wallpaper and other useful things.

After that, you maybe like to download "five icon dock", the name tells what is dows, you can put a fith icon in your dock.

Only for iphone user, its useful to download My3G, This simulates the iOS that it is in a Wifi network, even if it's on 3G or EDGE.

The most useful application is SB Settings.
With SB Settings you can switch Settings very fast and in Applications, all you need to do to activate it is to slide over the Status bar.

Another very useful application is Backgrounder. With backgrounder you have a Multitasking which is a real Multitasking, you can backround apps, but they are still running and not freeezed.

After that it's usefu to install OpenSSH, it installs an SSH-Server on your idevice in which you can browse with any FTP-Client.

Wifi Sync let's you synchronise Music and Videos over your Wifi-Network.

ifile allows you to browse through the iphones file System, it let'S you edit txt and plist files, you can watch movies, pictures and PDFs and lot's of other filetypes.

And at last, Winterboard.
With Winterboard you can load themes on your device, like backrounds, icons, special sliders and a lot's of other stylish things.
Themes can be downloaded on Cydia.

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