Before you get excited, this is a news piece, not a notice of release. Patience is a virtue.

It's been clear these days in jailbreaking land, as far as any new "ra1n" goes. However, that doesn't mean there is nothing going on. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Geohot has been rather quiet on Twitter these days, keeping to himself, however, behind the scenes, GeoHot has been hard at work creating, what I am starting to think, will be the next, best, jailbreaking tool.

George Hotz (Geohot) has been in France recently, taking part in the Nuit Du Hack conference. Started in 2003 by Hackerz Voice team, and inspired by world famous DEF CON, “Nuit du Hack” is one of the oldest French underground hacking conference to date.

During one of the "talks" held during the confernce, George gave a presentation in which he discussed the discovery of his newest bootrom exploit - which by the sounds of it, can eventually jailbreak or "pwn" every iPhone and iPod Touch available, including the iPhone 4. In fact, it sounds like he has something that could be used again and again for any new iPhone devices that are released in the future. The name he has given this project is "pwned4life"

Keep your eyes peeled. I suspect we may see this tool surface in the next few days or weeks.

Below is an 8 minute clip filmed during GeoHot's presentation :

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