Update : News about Firmware 4.0

According to Gizmodo, some invites for April 8th 2010 were sent by Apple to reveal during an event all new features about Firmware 4.0 started with 4th generation of iPhone planned on June 22nd.

This event will be at Cupertino, 7H00 PM (french hours), and this day, a beta release of OS 4.0 will be available for developers on iPhone and iPod Touch.
Maybe an update of Firmware (3.2) in waiting for iPhone and iPod Touch?

iPad is available! 

Then several cases can be under consideration for our iPhones and iPod Touch!

* A Firmware 3.2 which accompanies the disponiblity of iPAD for USA. But such a Firmware with many innovations for the videos of demonstration of the iPad cannot be available for iPhone and iPod Touch without presentation through KeyNote.
* A minor update as 3.1.4 can not be done without presentation Keynote, fix current Firmware 3.1.3, transition towards one 3.2….
* In this case, let us hope that the teams of jailbreak place at the disposal the tool for all the Firmwares and especially a jailbreak untethered for all!
* Also let us don't forget that the exploit of the baseband 05.12 is also present, the teams want to make sure that with such an update of the Firmware, this baseband is thus not changed then no tool before a real update.
* A firmware 4.0 in June only with the availability of the new generation of iPhone (4G), the whole presented with a KeyNote gross! In any case what is on, the jailbreak of the iPAD under Firmware 3.2 will be tested as of today. And which knows the teams will release can be the so much awaited tool!!!! UNTETHERED (a final jailbreak after reboot of your iDevice)

Wait and see….

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