Update : Very interesting news...

Here is the iPad and his Firmware 3.2 is in the hands of the americans (and Geohot).
According to BoyGeniusReport, the new OS (optimized precisely for iPad ) presents some very interesting information which reference new iPod, an iPhone and a new iPad in addition to the one revealed yesterday  (iProd), it seems that 10 models of iDevices are concerned !


- iPhone V1
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone G4
- iPod 1G
- iPod 2G
- iPod 3G
- iPod 4G
- iPad Wifi ou 3G
- iPad 3G ou un new iPad (iProd 2,1)

If this 4th generation of iPhone and iPod will profit of this new Firmware 3.2, our future update will certainly FW 3.2

Update 2 : It seems that Firmware 3.2 defined for iPad would be also for iPhone and iPod Touch

  • By looking at some .plist files, we can see some lists and names related to iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Some applications of AppStore seem to be ready for Firmware 3.2

Update : Multitask found for Firmware 4.0 (read below)

A user of 9to5Mac seems to discover new commands of gesture in the iPhone 3.2 beta 4 SDK.
This Firmware 3.2 is defined for iPad first but we knew thanks to the video demo of the iPad that new gestures will be in the future firmware of iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • Triple tap
  • Long pressure
  • Rotation of objects and pictures (see video)


Technically, we know that iPhone OS is ready for Multitask (Backgrounder,Proswitcher…), iPhone 4 just needs improvements about RAM and processor !

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