Update 4 : iPAD is JAILBROKEN ! Screenshot added...

Here is a screenshot posted by chpwn from his twitter !!! 

Here is a preview of what could appear Cydia on the iPAD !


Video of the jailbreak of the iPad with Cydia from Ryan Rohypnol.


Video from Dev Team

Update 2 : Addition of one screenshot of Chpwn.

Like Geohot, Dev teams are already working on the jailbreak of Firmware 3.2 for iPAD with the untethered exploits discovered on FW 3.1.3.

Update : News via Twitter

Through his twitter, Chpwn has announced to work on the graphical display of the future software to jailbreak of iDevices (old and new iBoot), an untethered jailbreak.
Just a reminder that the exploits found by Comexkstd and Geohot seem to be the same !
Wait and see….

Dans la logique, aucune release ne sera faîte avant une mise à jour du Firmware pour iPhone et iPod Touch.
Don't forget that tomorrow is released the iPad for USA !

Here is a preview of a new exploit for Jailbreak Untethered from comexkstd validated by Musclerned on his Twitter.
This guy helped by chpwn shows us a jailbreak untethered on iPod Touch 3G using jailbreak rules.


  • It's still not an exploit for the new iBoot.
  • No date for this software.
  • The software seems to be compatible with all Firmwares and on all iDevices.
  • Normally, no release before the new Firmware.
  • The exploit in video of Geohot.

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