Download 1.1-16 Cracked :  Official

[NOTE] You must be connected via Wifi or 3G while you respring after first installing this, for the license to be downloaded.

With SpyPhoto you can take a picture in less than 1 second, without making any sound or enabling flash. It is the best option to take pictures without any suspicion.
Just make the gesture that you configure (or double tap Status Bar by default) to take the picture. You don't even need to be on the camera app, you can take the picture from any app or even lockscreen. You can configure the gesture in>SpyPhoto->Activation Methods.
- Take Pictures without any sound.
- Take Pictures from any app.
- Choose Front or Back Camera.
- Enable confirmation PopUp before taking picture.
- Automatically saves to Photo Library.
Please enable "Change with Buttons" inside>Sounds->Ringer and Alerts
I am not responsible for what people do with this tweak
Activation method must be set; by default it is 'hold statusbar'

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