The developer of the iPad 2 jailbreak, Comex was beta testing Jailbreak Me 3.0 –the iPad 2 jailbreak, but unfortunately one of his testers leaked the beta jailbreak out to public and people are already downloading it. You can easily find the iPad 2 leaked jailbreak online, but I wouldn’t recommend downloading it because it could have bugs that need to be ironed out and the files may have been tampered with and may contain viruses as well.
It is really disrespectful and rude of other sites to post leaked downloads of Comex’s jailbreak, especially since Comex spent over 7000+ hours making the jailbreak. It’s like a slap in his face! The leaked download is just a beta, and will likely have bugs that need to be fixed so it shouldn’t be downloaded by any users.

Apparently the leaked iPad 2 jailbreak only works on iOS 4.3, but the official version will support iOS 4.3.3. If you are an iPad 2 user, you should wait for Comex to release the official iPad 2 Jailbreak on his website ( I’ll make an official post here once that’s released. It will most likely be released tomorrow on Sunday.

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