iPhone hackers also have a life and talk to humans instead of hack Apple’s code all the time… in case you were thinking otherwise. iH8sn0w was talking to MuscleNerd on twitter, both of whom are well known iPhone hackers, and they mentioned that PwnageTool for Windows would be released soon, thanks to Chpwn.

iH8Sn0w: @syzwnghani well, looks like chpwn is working on pt for windows, so maybe never,
MuscleNerd: @iH8sn0w seriously…@chpwn is your age, and about to release a better version of PT for win. Don’t *blame* him for that.
MuscleNerd PwnageTool for Windows Tweet PwnageTool For Windows coming soon 

In case you’re not aware of what PwnageTool is, it’s a software which upgrades your iOS to the latest firmware without upgrading the baseband. What this basically means is that you can preserve your baseband and still use Ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone, even on the new firmware. PwnageTool is already available for Mac but now it seems like the iPhone hackers are being kind to us Windows users.
Confusing? Don’t worry… we’ll put up a guide as soon as it’s publicly released.
Stay tuned for more happenings around the Apple world.

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