This guide will show you how to enable FaceTime on iPhone 4 in unsupported countries like the Middle East

Method #1

STEP 1: Launch Cydia.  

Note: iPhone 4 is already jailbroken. If not, follow our guides below:
STEP 2: Tap the “Manage” tab located on the bottom tab bar.
STEP 3: Tap “Sources”, “Edit”, then “Add”. You’ll be prompted to add URL source. Type “http://apps.iphoneislam.comand tap “Add Source”.
STEP 4: Cydia automatically refreshes and updates sources.
STEP 5: After Cydia is done refreshing sources. Tap the “Search” tab on the bottom tab bar and search for “FaceTime Hacktivator”. Once “FaceTime Hacktivator” appears, tap and you should see version “1.0-1″. Tap “Install”.
STEP 6: Reboot your iPhone 4. After the reboot, launch -> Phone and tap on the FaceTime toggle to turn it on.

Method #2

Download MiddleWhat 1.0-1 : Official

MiddleWhat is a new tweak available in Cydia for enabling FaceTime on iPhone 4 if it’s disabled solely due to region restrictions. This tweak will not enable FaceTime for any other reason. Simply install MiddleWhat, restart your iPhone 4, and FaceTime will be enabled.

Note: This tweak is ONLY for iPhone 4 and doesn’t include an icon or any settings visible on the SpringBoard. It can be cleanly uninstalled.

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