Update : Geohot has confirmed it is a FAKE !!! Sad...

Past couple of days were just nutts… With the new Limera1n Jailbreak released by Geohot the next big question people have been asking is, where is the unlock? It seems we may be getting it sooner than we expected, the video below explains it all.
The new Limera1n Jailbreak will be equipped with new “Snow” unlock? This is all happening very fast so I’m not sure if this video is real of fake but watch it and let me know what you think.
The video shows new Unlock as the LimeSn0w which looks very credible and 100% similar to the previously released unlock (by GeoHot) called BlackSn0w.
It is recommended if you jailbroke your iPhone or iPad with the Limera1n Jailbreak to keep the Limera1n tear drop installer as the unlock might show up later down the road as an option to install.
This isn’t a for sure 100% release as it could also be a fake but in my opinion it has some credibility as this is the exact same way used to install Geohots older unlock with Blacksn0w. What do you guys think, real or fake?

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