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Tired of getting a phone call in a bad time: in a meeting, when you're asleep, when you're making sweet sweet... banana bread ;), and all that OS gives you is "Slide to Answer"?!?!

It can be extremely annoying to wake up to a phone call disoriented, not knowing what's going on, just wanting to go back to sleep, but your stupid phone wont let you decline the call(at least easily).

This tweak fixes all of that, seamlessly. It restores the "Accept"/"Decline" buttons from a call, EVEN when your phone is currently asleep/locked(the key improvement).

Worried about compatibility? It works on all iPhones, all modern firmwares, and on the retina display, perfectly. And, with it using the system's localized strings for the button titles, you don't have to worry about it if you're a themer or string changer. Enjoy!

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