I'm proud to present you....tadada... Ph03n1x !! The new Fake of jailbreak tool...

Quote from the original blog :

Ph03n1x will arrive soon

I have been working on this for a very long time and i am proud to present you ph03n1x.

pho3n1x is a untethered Jailbreak for all Ipods and Iphones with Firmware 3.1.3 and of course 3.1.2.Also Ipads 3.2 is supported.

Thats the first good news.But i have a better one for everybody who upgraded to 3.1.3 and lost his blacksn0w unlock.I have found a way to get back to the old baseband if you are already on 5.12.01.

I will release ph03n1x in a few days.But i have to wait until i get an ipad 3g to test ph03n1x on it.

So stay tuned......

No more comments on it... just keep away from the software if you find it.

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