iDroid, the project for the complete porting of Android on the iPhone. The progess is great, and in fact, allows running the operating system from Google on iPhone V1 and EDGE, but you must wait for improvements for the iPhone 3G.

 Currently, the hackers working on the project are stuck on a driver for the WM8991 codec. This is because, instead of audio data that should go through the transition to the baseband, the codec checks the speaker in the "new" generation of the Apple device. According to this method is very well done (better than the iPhone this 2G) but brings some complications.
Drivers, therefore, must be completely rewritten and should be adapted to the baseband of the iPhone. To receive and make calls, in addition, the WM8991 codec must be controlled entirely through the baseband. Progress also allow send and receive SMS via 3G network. Why this works, hackers had to rewrite ultrasn0w, tools of the Dev-Team for the release of the iPhone foreigners, and integrate it into OpeniBoot.

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