Update : Version 1.1-1 released !
    v 1.1-1
  • Added support for "360 Web Browser", "Grazing Web Browser(iPad)" and "Skyfire".
  • Fixed some minor bugs
    v 1.0-0
  • Added support for iLunascape.
  • Added options for hooking GoogleMaps(maps.google.com) and Youtube(www.youtube.com) links

    Download 1.1-1 : Official

    Make third party browsers your default!
    This is the successor of OpenOpera. Added support for Atomic Web Browser, iCab Mobile and Perfect Browser. This package includes SBSettings toggle
    Choose one you want to use as a default browser in Settings.app.
    For OperaMini, automatic page loading on startup is not supported. After the OperaMini launced, tap the URL bar, and the linked URL will be pasted. Then, tap "GO" button on the keyboard.

    Notes :

    Previous Version
    0.8-0 : Official
    0.7-0 : Official
    0.6-2 : Official
    0.6-1 : Official
    0.6-0 : Official

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