Since the latest update of iTunes 9.1, some users are experiencing an issue with the software i-FunBox.
Here is how to fix easily this issue.

i-FunBoX is a utility for all users who wish to connect their jailbroken or not jailbroken iPhone to their computer with USB cable and then they have a great rate of transfer.

  • Download the latest version of i-FunBox for Windows.
  • Connect your iDevice to your computer.
  • It appears the following message if you have iTunes 9.1 :
if you failed to connect to your iphone with ifunbox, or it can not detect your iphone,
or if ifunbox says « Failed to locate Apple Mobile device Support, iTunesMobileDevice.dll is not found », please try this.
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support
  • Common Files is for Windows XP
  • You may find 2 dll files : iTunesMobileDevice.dll and iTunesMobileDevice2.dll
  • This is in the case of use of Blackbreeze.
  • In a folder, insert the .exe file of i-FunBox and also iTunesMobileDevice2.dll
  • Rename iTunesMobileDevice2.dll to iTunesMobileDevice.dll
  • For the others, you just have to copy iTunesMobileDevice.dll in the folder with the .exe file of i-FunBox.
  • i-FunBox works again now !

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