Update : Version 1.0.2-1 released !

    • NEW: Retina images for badge and statusbar icons.
      • These images were created and donated by Adam Bird (@Archez39).
    • FIX: On iOS 4.2.1, Mail app would always quit, regardless of backgrounding state.

      Download 1.0.2-1 : Official

      Backgrounder is a tweak available on Cydia and necessary for all jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.
      It will then permit you to manage multitasking (you can have several applications running at the same time).

        • Start one application
        • Long pressure on Home button, the application is now in background
        • Long pressure again to disable the backgrounding.
        • Since the version snv.r330-3, use Activator to background an application

        Notes :

        Previous Version
        1.0.1-1 : Official
        1.0.0-1 : Official
        svn.r558-1 : Official
        svn.r556-1 : Official
        svn.r553-1 : Official
        svn.r521-1 : Official
        svn.r515-b2-1 : Official
        svn.r513-1 :Official
        svn.r504-1 :Official
        svn.r494-1 :Official
        svn.r492-1 :Official
        svn.r450-1 : Official
        svn.r445-1 : 4shared
        svn.r436-1 : 4shared
        svn.r338 : 4shared
        svn.r330-3 : 4shared

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