Update : Version 3.5.6 released ! (changelog below)

Download 3.5.6 : 4shared

Repeat Free Memory (also called Cypringboard) is a tweak of saltinbas.
This tweak (beta version) will permit you to close the applications mail, Safari and iPod when you leave them and then to free memory when you close one application.
With this tweak, "Free up memory" of SBSetting becomes useless !

Notes :
  • Be sure to have installed : Cycript, bash, adv-cmds, coreutils-bin, coreutils packages, erica utilities, webviewcontroller and preference loader.  
  • Uninstall any old version before and reboot after installation.

ChangeLog :
- Brightness control toggle added.
- check point added for fmem not to run when synchronizing
- detail memory info implemented( f for free, i for inactive, a for active where avaible memory is f + i values )
- update interval 2 seconds
- Numeric WiFi strenght option added.
- Percentage battery level added.
- Memory info added to time area.
- fmem strenght option added to settings menu (for 3gs users)
- Edge and location toggles added.
- Free memory info shown as fake carrier name implemented.
- Optional pop-up menu items.
- RMF is not running after reboot, bug fixed.
- Wifi toogle not working, bug fixed.
- Random safe mode crashes fixed.
- optinal tappings implemented.
- « quiting safari or mail app when opened from different app » bug fixed.
- implemented bypass hooking for the instance methods.
- sound option.
- improved algorithm for random resprings.
- fmem execution on battery area tap. (fmem is working with iphone 3G and below)
- airplane, bluetooth and wifi on/off functions on time are tap
- respring and reboot functions on battery area tap.
- new fmem algoritm
- « ipod quitting » when syncronizing disabled.
- when you unlock, fmem will execute with unlock sound afterwards(optional)
- after fmem with double tap, unlock sound is played
- Double tap on signal or airplane icon for respring function added (optional )
- Triple tap on time area for reboot function added (optional )
- « Long bootup time » bug is fixed.
2.6.6 beta
- Optimized script code so that it will use less number of repeating commands
- Added « donate Wikipedia » function in the setting menu which will take to donation page of Wikipedia.
2.6.5 beta
- Disabled popups and replaced with statusbar icons.
- Changed the algorith so that it it will only use cycript when quitting ipod.
2.6.4 beta
- Changed whether the springboard running check algorithm to reduce memory leak
- Added preinst and postinst files to deb file so that you do not have to reboot.
2.6 beta
- New free mem execution algorithm
- Memory threshold concept is extracted
- red and white + sign are introduced.
2.5.4 beta
- statusbar icon « + » is added so that it will show when the script is executing.
2.5.3 beta
- Implemented check for Cydia. When Cydia is running the script will run but free mem execution is disabled.
- Implemented check for iTunes. When synchronising or backing up, the script will not run.
- Improved code so that « apply changes » will run better.
2.5.1 beta
- Removing temp « .s.cy » files from /var/tmp
- fix ipod quitting when foreground without playing
- improved algorithm for performance
2.5 beta
- ipod quitting function implemented with cycript
- popup messages are implemented with cycript
- new settings options are implemented
2.3 beta
- Script running can be disabled from settings menu ( The daemon will run but free mem and quitting will not be done. This can be used when playing games and wathing movies )
- launchdaemon plist write problem solved ( 666 – 644 permission issue )
- After pushing « apply changes », a dialog will pop up and show « daemon0running » or « daemon0not0running » message. Afterwards second dialog will be open and indicate script is active or notactive
- Algorithm improved
2.2 Beta
- Max memory drop option added to settings menu
- Bug fix in CPU usage calculation
2.1 Beta
- New algorithm
2.0 Beta
- Settings menu added
- Safari quitting function added
1.2 Beta
- Added MobileMail quitting function ( MobileMail should be set to FETCH MANUALLY)
1.1.1 Beta
- Plist LaunchDaemon file runs every 60 seconds to improve battery life
- If triggering recognized, checks every 10 seconds if the memory becomes stable to execute free mem.
1.1 Beta
- Interval is defined in plist file under « StartInterval » key as 20 seconds
- The script do not run when ipod or iphone is in sleep
- While..do loop deleted from script.
- A file called « degisken » under /usr/bin/ added to keep « old_memory » and « trigger » variables since script do not run in infinite loop.
1.0 Beta
- Initial release

Notes : 

Previous Version
3.5.5 : 4shared

3.5.4 : 4shared 
3.5.3 : 4shared
3.4.2 : 4shared
3.3.6 : 4shared
3.3.5 : 4shared

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