Update : Version 1.5.3 released ! Crack is out !!

v 1.5.3
    * Fixed some bugs
    * New background image for the option bar
    * Added polish translation

      Download 1.5.3 Cracked : Official
      Download 1.0 HD Cracked : Official

      Compatible with iOS 4 and iOS 5

      How Apple's YouTube app really should be.
      ProTube is a complete YouTube application with tons of advantages over Apple's YouTube app. In ProTube you can browse normally through YouTube, watch videos in HD or SD, manage your account, comment etc. Also you can download an unlimited amount of YouTube videos and watch them offline. Just the mp3 audio can be downloaded too, so you can listen to songs whenever you want. Downloaded files are displayed in a beautiful interface showing size, date length and a thumbnail. Saved videos/mp3's can be renamed, deleted and sent by email. Downloading video/audio shows progress, speed and remaining time and can be interrupted. ProTube blocks annoying ads which makes loading even faster. Simultaneous downloads are supported limitless. AirPlay is supported so you can stream video to your TV. Full Portrait and Landscape orientation support

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      Previous Version 
      1.5.1 Cracked : Official
      1.4 Cracked : Official
      1.2 Cracked : Official

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