People are saying, that MacOS X "Lion" could be released tomorrow!

Apple-insider, and people, that think they know the right stuff, say that Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" could possibly released tomorrow, allready.

After the 14th of this month was a major fail, even thought a lot of people were swearing on this day, there is a new hope. Nearly the same, and a few more bloggers and Apple-insiders, consider the day tomorrow, as the final release of the new OS, which brings tons of new functions - and, maybe also a new MacBook Air.
Where the people say, there is the new Mac OS comming out tomorrow, they also have a silent guess, that a new version of the MacBook Air will be released, witn enhanced and new brilliant features, just perfect for Lion.

One of the more weird information is, that some people say, that the new OS is going to be released at 8.30AM - which would be around 3PM in Germany/France.

Let's see what the people are going to see tomorrow! Keep an eye on your inbox, if you have clicked "Note me, when the new OS is released" - you'll recive an email.

To learn more about the new MacOS, go and look the keynote - it is about 2h long.

"Inform me":
Mac OS X Lion 10.7 BETA review:

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