Download 1.1-1 Cracked : Official

How to Install Instructions:

- put the phone in airplane/no internet mode (to avoid online check)
- install .deb with ifile or ssh
- connect the device to your computer and get the UDID from itunes
- create a key with the keygen
- save a .plist that will include your key
- transfer the *.plist to /User/Library/Preferences
- respring

Scrolling horizontally is so passé!
With Page2D, you can now scroll your icon pages horizontally AND vertically!
Just select the number of columns you want in Settings, and take your pages to another dimension!
Page2D works great with Parallax. Scroll to the second video to see them both in action.
Third party compatibility
Page2D is compatible with many popular Cydia tweaks, including Parallax, Shrink, Iconoclasm, and MultiIconMover!
Page2D is not yet fully compatible with Barrel.

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