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Add any settings icon to your homescreen!

Works on iPhone, iPod and iPad.
Works on all iOS 4 versions and also on upcoming iOS 5 .
Compatible with all popular addons / tweaks.

Now when you enter Settings, you can choose whether you can add each preferences page to your homescreen! The bottom of some preference pages will have a button 'Add Icon to Homescreen'

A special icon will be added to you homescreen. When you open it you will get a folder-like slice view with your application's settings right on your SpringBoard! You can add these icons to folders, move them, delete them, create folders full of settings icons , and most important, it works with all settings bundles for stock , jailbreak and non-jailbreak apps.

Add more functionality to your homescreen!

Note: Some particular icons are not accessible on iOS version < 4.3 at the moment. ("General" tab and third party appstore settings ). A few settings that don't offer the "Add to HomeScreen" option, cannot be added for performance and usability reasons.

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