Update : Version 1.5 released ! Crack is out !!

v 1.5
- added new unlock type: "Turn lockscreen", which will let you turn the lockscreen like a page of a book
- added passcode compatibility: if passcode is needed, the screen will move back to its original position and the passcode field is presented
- en-/disabling doesn't require a respring any more
- (hopefully) fixed bug which caused the unlock slider to not get hidden on iOS<3.2
- fixed bug causing SpringBoard to crash when using "Pinch to Unlock", then getting a text message and unlocking the device

Download 1.5 Cracked : Official

Move LockScreen to Unlock will let you unlock your iDevice by simply moving the lockscreen out of the way.

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Amongst others, there are options to

- choose between different unlock types (move lockscreen, move translucent overlay, pinch lockscreen), directions and distances,
- hide the iOS unlock slider and the lockscreen clock.

Please note: This is NOT compatible with
- the iOS passcode lock (e.g. needed to connect to some Exchange servers). Use 'Exchange Unlock' or similar to disable the passcode lock,
- PhotoAlbums+: do NOT install Move LockScreen to Unlock on devices with PhotoAlbums+, as this has caused SOME devices to not boot correctly afterwards,
- AndroidLock and similar tweaks. - LockInfo and similar tweaks are not officially supported. They might be compatible with the translucent overlay, but even then they are not fully usable. If you have a good idea on how to make Move LockScreen to Unlock compatible with LockInfo etc., let me know!

- added new unlock type: Pinch lockscreen to unlock

- added option to hide the lockscreen clock and add the clock to the status bar (thanks to David Ashman!)

- added option to change the transparency of the overlay

- iPad controls should now be usable even with the overlay enabled (moving the controls on top of the overlay)

- reorganized the tweaks settings

Known issues:

- overlay not visible when album art is displayed. Unlock still works though.

Notes :

Previous Version
1.4 : Official
1.3.3-1 : Official
1.3 : Official
1.2 : Official
1.0 : Official

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