Update : Version 4.8.2 released ! Crack is out !!

- Fix for Done button in conversation mode
- Fix for scroll for reply text field

Required iOS 4.x

Installation Instructions

- remove every version of tlert;
- reboot;
- install this deb;
- reboot;
- start tlert(in my case, I leaved toggle ON);
- close tlert;
- reboot;
- install Tlert Library for 4x v4.7.5( from cydia );
- cydia will prompt respring ))). do it.
- install tlert patch;
- go to cydia and upgrade to tlert 4.7.1;
- again cydia will prompt respring, do it;
- go to safe mode (in sbsettings);
- go to tlert, see it works;
- reboot;
- uninstall tlert patch;
- reboot;

Ever get annoyed when you're using your phone and an SMS message pops up right over the main part of the screen - requiring you to press close/reply? And as text messages are typically responded to immediately, it's frustrating that you have to wait 5-10 seconds for the SMS app to open! Oh - and did we mention how ugly those alert pop ups were?
Enter Tlert - SMS the way it should be. With less interference on your screen, a more pleasing UI, and LANDSCAPE replies from any app, including the Lock Screen!

- Compose an SMS to anyone from any app!
- Reply to any message from any app!
- Send and View Video or Picture (MMS) messages in conversation mode
- Smaller real estate taken up on incoming SMS
- More pleasing UI - with colors you can choose from!
- Respond to a text message without closing out of the app you may be working in
- Landscape SMS - faster and easier to type your Texts
- Integrates with native iPhone SMS App
- Won't show if new message is part of viewing conversation
- Message will show if not in current conversation.

Tlert uses ViewThrough Patent Pending Technology for alerting users of new events and information.

Notes :

Previous Version 
4.7.11 : Official
4.7.6 : Official
4.6.1 : Official

4.5.1 : Official
4.4.1 : Official
4.3.5 : Official

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