Update : Version 1.4 released ! Crack is out !!

  • Added: Fullcharge alerts
  • Added: Volume control
  • Added: Turn on/off iOS warnings (20%, 10%) when PowerAlerter is off
  • Added: Audio alert when iPod is playing (even if ringer is off)
  • Changed: Rearranged & optimized the settings
  • Changed: When headphones are plugged, alert won't be louder than your iPod volume (but in the
  • foreground & dim the iPod for alert duration)
  • Fixed: Alert sound now stops on "Dismiss" & won't stop iPod anymore
  • Fixed: Previous alert popups are dismissed automatically

    Download 1.4 Cracked : Official

    Don't find your iPhone dead anymore. With this tweak, you will get alerts (visual, haptic and audio) if the charge of your iOS device will drop under a certain percentage. You choose, below which percentage you will get an alert! You can set PowerAlerter to play an audio alert even if you are in silent mode and choose if PowerAlerter shall power off your device if a certain percentage is reached. There are several warning sounds, you can select within the settings. NOTE: Currently, PowerAlerter will work only if you have General > Usage > Battery Percentage set to "ON". I'm working on support for users that have turned the percentage off.

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    Notes :
    • Installation
    • It's in BLue in Cydia But technacally it's Free im just posting this here do to it may be a mistake or in any case some people do not know the difference

    Previous Version 
    1.3.2 : Official
    1.1 : Official

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