Update : Download Links added !

Download iTunes 10.1 Beta:
iTunes 10.1 Beta (Mac OS)   ➠ Download
iTunes 10.1 Beta (Windows 32bit)   ➠ Download
iTunes 10.1 Beta (Windows 64bit)   ➠ Download

Download iOS:
iOS 4.2 GM (iPad) – 549MB  ➠ Download
iOS 4.2 GM (iPhone 4) – 624.27MB  ➠ Download
iOS 4.2 GM (iPhone 3GS) – 401.3MB  ➠ Download
iOS 4.2 GM (iPhone 3G) – 322.88MB  ➠ Download
iOS 4.2 GM (iPod Touch 4G) – 608.65MB  ➠ Download
iOS 4.2 GM (iPod Touch 3G) – 389.21MB  ➠ Download
iOS 4.2 GM (iPod Touch 2G) – 346.74MB  ➠ Download

Apple has released the gold master of the next iteration of iOS 4 to developers. When the GM hits the dev page, it is not too long after that the public gets the latest update. Although, there is no official release date for iOS 4.2, we can expect it anytime now.

Also, iPhone Devs are being ask to start submitting their iOS 4.2 updates. Another hint that we are close to a public release.

Although this release is only meant for developers, the GM release is widely recognized as the finished product. If you are able to get a copy, you are probably okay to install this.

WARNING: If you jailbreak/unlock your iPhone, DO NOT UPDATE right away.
iOS 4.2 cannot be jailbroken properly yet, and the baseband that comes with it cannot be unlocked yet. Just be patient, and wait for the tools to be updated. The iPhone Dev Team will have an update for us, shortly after iOS 4.2 is public, and then we’ll know where we stand.
Check back here, after the release, for info and how-to’s for jailbreaking/unlocking your iDevices on iOS 4.2.

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