Update : Version 1.2.3-11 released ! Crack is out !!

    v 1.2.3-11
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the screen to stay on after snoozing, which led to batteries being drained very quickly

    Download 1.2.3-11 Cracked : Official

    Calendar reminders the way they were meant to be. Have a meeting coming up, but still in the middle of working on something? Hit snooze and be sure you won't forget about it. This extension adds a five minute snooze button to Calendar notifications.

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    Notes :
    Previous Version 
    1.2.2-18 : Official
    1.2-225 : Official
    1.1-80 : Official
    1.0.2-58 : Official
    1.0.1-7 : Official
    1.0.0-661 : Official

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