Update : Version 1.3.0 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Fabius]

v 1.3.0
 * NEW! Now you can receive your alert via SMS too
* NEW! Now you can set the amount of failed attempts
* Secure Mode now works on iOS5

Download 1.3.0 Cracked : Official

If someone stole your iPhone, it’s the worst thing that can happen. Want to know who stole it? Then iGotYa is for you! iGotYa is a new applcation in Cydia for protecting your iPhone against theives, nosey people, or anyone who’s using it. How it works is, it takes a picture of the thief or persons face (front facing camera on iPhone 4) and gets the location where your iPhone is.

You will need to enable your iPhone with an unlock code so if the unlock code is entered wrong, iGotYa will snap a picture, record the location of your iPhone, and send it to your email. You can also allow access to the iPhone with a wrong code entered but all you personal information (Call History, Mail, SMS, Web History, etc.) will be hidden. In addition, you can configure a message which will appear on the SpringBoard (shown in the screenshots below)

  votre iPhone

Notes :

Previous Version 
1.2.8 : Official
1.2.1 : Official
1.0.22 : Official
1.0.17-1 : Official
1.0.11-1 : Official

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