Update : New Donors added to my "Special Thanks" list

Hi All!

I've added yesterday a "Donate" button.

First of all, the reason is to earn enough money to upgrade servers related to my MyRepoSpace !!!

And, of course, you can also make me a gift if you like my work, if you wish to support me.

I will post here all donors with Special Thanks to them !
(ordered by amount)
  • Alain G. (20$) 
  • Franco C.
  • Alessandro C.
  • Michail A.
  • Jean T. 
  • Nanette R.
  • Tomas K. 
  • Klaus E.
  • Miraga business solutions
  • Ali A. 
  • Jose Carlos C.
  • Cristian G. 
  • Evangelos S
  • Carlos C. R. 
  • @B_NuNya 
  • Alberto C. 
  • Fahad A.
  • Denny S.
  • Damian M. 
  • Wong C. M. 
  • Jean-Pierre L. 
  • Jeromy P.

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