These days, iPhone users are busy playing games and accepting friends on Game Center. But it seems to be crapped at 500 friends per account, I noticed that in my account when I reached 501 friends, it didn't receive friend requests anymore. You have to delete a friend to receive a friend request. That was also noticed by MuscleNerd, the well-known iPhone hacker.

MuscleNerd said:
So much for my not-so-secret plan to break GameCenter! They’re capping my friend count at around 500 (as soon as I delete one, I get one new request)
Basically, once you reach the limit (500 friends), Apple simply stop new requests but requests continues to arrive and get in the queue. Once you delete the 501st friend, you will immediately promoted by a new request that was done before in the queue. You will not be able to add the 502nd and 503rd friends. The question is, Are they told your Game box is full? or Do they think you're ignoring them?

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