If Microsoft is investing all about the new version of operating system and various Windows Mobile 7 Phone that will mount on the other hand, we believe very much in the new Nokia N8 model for which was created the first Interactive Unboxing!

And essentially interactive movies are divided into several parts, the user can first choose one of three reviewers, then will move through the explanations of various functions, as if in front of a DVD menu.

All this was achieved by simple links to other videos on YouTube, but the result is nice and friendly. To start, press play on the movie here at the top and at the end you will have the opportunity to interact and begin the discovery itself of this terminal.

  •  A 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optical zoom;
  •  Xenon flash and a motion sensor;
  •  Videos in HD quality with the ability to edit them using an integrated editor;
  •  Mediacenter Portable, people can watch videos in HD with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound by connecting your home theater.
  •  Access to web services with TV news and entertainment programs such as CNN, E! Entertainment, Paramount and National Geographic.
  •  WebTV premises accessible by external applications available on Ovi Store;

Honestly I like, largely for the new Symbian OS 3 that finally was "different" from its predecessors with an interface that is well suited to a touchscreen phone. Nokia has begun to change style, even focusing on aesthetic beauty and details and in fact even the box office and is very striking at first sight. Here's another funny video:

But here are a gallery of 30 images taken with this phone, 12 megapixel.

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