Update :Version 4.2.1 released ! Crack is out !!

  • iOS 4.2.1 Compatibility

Download 4.2.1 Cracked : Official [Credits to Wortel]

Intelliborn now checks wether license request comes through Cydia, if not they will not send a license, the workaround: install with Cydia, keep the ap
p install the crack over the Cydia installation

Posted Image

View a brief summary of email within any app!

*** Stay up-to-date on Emails! ***

Whether you're surfing, reading text messages, or playing a game, you can get a quick email alert so you don't have to stop what you're doing just to find out you got an unimportant email. Now you can know who it's from, the subject, and a brief summary - all without leaving the app you're in!


Posted ImageQuick summary of new emails
Posted ImageSelf dismissal or you can check the X to close the summary
Posted ImageLaunch Mail directly from the Elert
Posted ImageControl the amount of time the Elert is displayed

Elert uses ViewThrough Patent Pending Technology for alerting users of new events and information.

Previous Version
4.1.4 Cracked : Official
4.1.1 Patch : Official

1. Goto Cydia, search for Elert, download it (it will require you to download rock)
2. Once download is complete (respring might be required) open Elert
3. Trial should start, or checking for license, something like that.
4. Go back to Cydia, remove Rockapp, this will also remove Elert.
5. Respring, and now download the deb for Elert provided below.
6. After installation respring!

You possibly could avoid installing Rockapp all together by upgrading from an earlier cracked Elert or purchased just by using this deb

Intellishared - Link
MobileSubstrate - Link
OpenSSL - Link

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